No money to pay lawyer fees, now paying fees by selling jewelry: Anil Ambani

New Delhi: Who does not know Anil Ambani’s name, but today according to Anil Ambani, his condition is not financially good today. According to a report in The Times of India, Indian businessman Anil Ambani, who is in debt, has told a London court that he is living a normal life these days. They have only one car and they do not have money to pay the fees of lawyers, for this they have to sell jewelry.

Anil Ambani told the court that between January and June 2020, he had sold jewels worth about 9.9 crore rupees and now he did not have any valuables left. When asked about his luxury cars, he said that he never owned a Rolls Royce car. He said that I have only one car, which I am using.

In an order passed by the British High Court on 22 May 2020, they were asked to repay the loan of 5281 crore rupees of Chinese banks by 12 June. Also, he was also ordered to pay legal fees of about Rs 7 crore to the banks. Even then, Chinese banks have sought to disclose their assets. Only after this, he told the court that he did not have any valuables left, which he could sell and repay the loan. He has even paid lawyers’ fees by selling his home jewelry.

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