Novavax vaccine successful in third trial, up to 90.4 percent effective

New Delhi: US-based Novavax announced that its vaccine is 90.4 percent effective against COVID-19, which includes the more infectious virus variants that are circulating. It is also 100% effective against moderate and severe diseases. The company has made these announcements after the third phase of trials. The company said on Monday that it has proved to be very effective against the coronavirus. All trials of this vaccine have been done in Britain.

The company said it would file for authorization in the third quarter of this year, though the New York Times reports that US regulators may instead ask the company to file for full approval, which could take longer.

Novavax also said it has started clinical trials among adolescents aged 12 to 18 years. The company has started trials on 3,000 children in the age group of 12-18 years. However, it has not yet been approved in any country. Children participating in this will be monitored for two years.

Due to the better results of the third trial of the Novavax vaccine, the hope of getting approval for emergency use has increased soon. This vaccine has also been effective in protecting against different variants. The company has released these results in the midst of a worldwide vaccine shortage.

Novavax and Indian company Serum Institute of India have signed an agreement to prepare 200 crore doses of corona vaccine in a year. The deal was signed in August. As per the agreement, at least 100 crore doses will be produced for low and middle income countries and India.

Now after the results of the trial, the company will seek approval for emergency use in the US, UK and Europe in the third quarter of 2021. Because of this, it is difficult to get the vaccine before September.