OpenAI announced Sam Altman is returning as CEO and a deal has been finalised

Just days after his ouster from the company, OpenAI announced it had reached a settlement with Sam Altman.

Sam Altman’s sudden exit from OpenAI has been making headlines since Friday. Young startup founder suddenly ousted from his company by OpenAI board. Since then, a lot has happened, including Satya Nadella hiring Altman and other former OpenAI employees, more than 95 percent of the staff threatening to resign, and Ilya Sutsvekar, the man who played a key role in ousting Altman, being fired from his post. Regretting actions.

And now, the OpenAI board has reached an agreement with Altman. In a tweet, OpenAI said they have reached an agreement with Altman and that he is returning to the company. OpenAI is also forming a new board which will currently consist of three members – Brett Taylor (Chairman), Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo.

The tweet mentions that they are still figuring out the details.