Pakistan’s ‘Pavari’ girl Danveer Mobin says the viral video changed her life…

19-year-old Danveer Mobin became an overnight sensation after the five-year-old video aw paavari ho rahi hai ‘went viral in the sub-continents.

In an exclusive conversation with News18’s Star Talk, the Pakistani student revealed that the video has changed her life in such a way that she has added more love, appreciation and many new people to her life. She has brought many new individuals to the social media platform who have now become a new family and call them “digital families”. The viral video has already inspired many marketing campaigns, film stars and many others to come up with their own versions.

When asked how the composer Yash Raj Muhate, the producer of the viral Pavari video, showed her the clip, she felt that Deniener said she was definitely surprised. She had previously seen the work of a content producer, and particularly loved the song Who Was Rap in Rasodyne. She says it was a happy moment for her because the work Yashraj did with the video and music was really creative.

Danveer is a self-admitted fan of Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. When asked what a question would be, she would like to ask Bollywood stars. Dananer says that he wants to ask King Khan, “How does he manage to stay so grounded even after achieving everything.” He has not lost his touch yet and he is as sweet as can be. For Kareena whom she referred to as an icon, Daniyar said that she has an attraction in the actress. She thinks of how these stars have come a long way in the industry and are true to themselves. Not only her, but also her family is a big fan of SRK starrer Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum.

Referring to the style of Kareena’s character in the film, Poo, Denaner dedicated her own dialogue, which also became iconic. She says, “Yeh main hoon, tu khushi kabhi kahi gum hai, and you have become beautiful, nothing else. How dare you. “Asked if she agrees that her meme has become a trust building bridger between the two countries – India and Pakistan, she says” definitely. “She feels grateful that she May lead in that. She has seen love from across the border and she hopes things will improve from here.

Indians have loved the video extensively and Dennaire only has love for the citizens of his neighboring country. At the age of 19, she has seen so much popularity, so would she like to pursue a career in films? To this, she says that it is quick to respond that she is still exploring the avenue. She still discusses things with her family and has other things to pay attention to as well. However, she says that she might consider it in the near future.

Talking about himself and his future plans, Denaner mentions that he has worked with his A-levels and applied to the university, which starts in the upcoming September. It is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Peshawar, Pakistan.

She says that she wants to reiterate that her Pavari video was actually random and that it was not intentional. By signing she says that she has not planned anything for her yet, but she is certain that new stuff will be coming soon on her blog and YouTube channel.