Paramara king Mihir Bhoj, who ruled for 49 years as the emperor of Kannauj, Here’s in news today?

The controversy over the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in Dadri is increasing. This dispute started about 15 days ago. When the people of Kshatriya society called Emperor Mihir Bhoj as Rajput and the people of Gurjar society created differences by calling Emperor Mihir Bhoj as Gurjar. The controversy took another form after Yogi Adityanath unveiled the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj on September 22.

A dispute has arisen between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Gujjar leaders. The political party involved in casteism, in fact, a dispute arose regarding the caste of Badshah Mihir Bhoj. Even former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav have described Gujjar society as Mihir Bhoj. The dispute regarding their caste has increased so much that every political party is jumping into this dispute. The experts, who ruled for 49 years, say that the Chhatri dynasty is divided into other dynasties including Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Agnivanshi, Rishivanshi, Nagvanshi, Bhaumvanshi.

Gurjars, Jats, Patels and Marathas all belong to the Kshatriya lineage in the country. Mihir Bhoj was the emperor of Kannauj. He ruled from 836 AD to 885 AD. Mihir Bhoj ruled for 49 years. The wife of Mihir Bhoj was Chandrabhattarika Dev. Muslims were great enemies. It is said that the king of Kabul, the king of Kashmir, the king of Nepal and the king of Assam Mihir Bhoj was a special friend, but the Arab caliph Mritysim Wasik, Muntashir and Moutamidi were friends of Mihir Bhoj. Used to be the biggest enemy.

The Arabs made many attempts to eliminate the emperor by making many attacks but they were unsuccessful in front of Mihir Bhoj. Death in 72 years Emperor Mihir Bhoj defeated the son of King Devpal of Bengal and included North Bengal in his empire. He also defeated the Rashtrakuta king of the south in the battle. It is said that the battle for the right over Kanauj continued for almost 100 years between Bengal, North India, South India, which is known in history as the triangular struggle. At the same time Emperor Mihir Bhoj handed over the throne to his son Mahendrapala in the last years of his life and took retirement. Mihir Bhoj passed away at the age of 72.

Here’s controversy

After unveiling a 15-feet tall statue of Raja by the Chief Minister at Mihir Bhoj Inter College in Dadri area of ​​Gautam Buddh Nagar district on September 22.

The miscreants, including a Samajwadi Party worker from the Gujjar community, were angry with the MP and MLA for allegedly not supporting their community.

Controversy erupted over the prefix “Gurjar” next to the name of Raja Mihir Bhoj on the plaque and the move was opposed by some Rajput community members.

Even before the incident, tensions were brewing in the area due to clashes between two major communities over the issue.

After unveiling the statue, CM Adityanath had observed that “great symbols cannot be confined to one caste, they belong to all”.

Rajya Sabha MP Surendra Singh Nagar visited the statue on Tuesday morning and allegedly smeared the plaque after paying tribute to Raja Mihir Bhoj.

“Satyamev Jayate,” Nagar, a Gujjar leader, captioned a picture of him standing next to the idol in a Twitter post in the morning.

Additional DCP Vishal Pandey said that on the basis of the complaint of the secretary of Gurjar Vidya Sabha, an FIR has been registered under the relevant sections.

“Police has taken cognizance of a video circulated on social media and is using it to ascertain the identity of the miscreants involved in this episode,” he said, adding that strict action would be taken against the guilty persons.

One of the accused who allegedly appeared in the scenes has been identified by the police as Shyam Singh Bhati of the Gujjar community. He is also a local worker of Samajwadi Party.

It also alleged that the BJP was trying to do a “political stunt” by provoking this caste dispute ahead of the UP assembly elections.

The BJP’s local unit dismissed the allegation and blamed the SP.

“The Samajwadi Party leadership has already asked its workers and supporters to stay away from the issue, which looks like a political stunt ahead of the assembly elections,” said Raghvendra Dubey, SP’s Noida general secretary and spokesperson.

“The BJP is instigating this caste dispute to gain political mileage. Dubey alleged that how do you explain the sudden developments when both the communities (Gujars and Rajputs) have always been peaceful and united followers of Emperor Mihir Bhoj.