People of Telangana built a temple to honor Sonu Sood humanitarian work

The temple was inaugurated on 20 December in the presence of the village sculptor and locals and a statue of Sonu Sood is installed in the temple in Telangana village.

An idol installed in the temple of Sonu Sood. Photo: ANI

Residents of Dabba Tanda village, Siddipet district, Telangana constructed a temple in honor of Sonu Sood. The 47-year-old actor has been celebrated nationwide for humanitarian actions during the lockdown period of the coronavirus epidemic. After being informed about the temple, Sonu Sood was touched and responded in a post on Twitter.

Inaugurated in the presence of the village sculptor and locals on 20 December, a statue of Sonu Sood is installed in the temple; The women wore traditional attire and performed aarti and also sang folk songs in honor of Sonu Sood. News agency ANI reports.

Zilla Parishad member Giri Kondal Reddy told ANI, “As soon as he has achieved God’s place by his good works, we have built a temple for Sonu Sood. He is God for us.”

According to the people of that region, “He helped so many people during the epidemic. It is a great pleasure for us that we have built his temple.” The people of Dabba Tanda village in Siddipet, Telangana have built a temple to recognize the philanthropic work of actor Sonu Sood.

A member of the temple planning group Rakesh Kumar said that Sonu Sood would be prayer in this temple.

“The way Sonu Sood has been helping people since the lockdown due to the epidemic has gained recognition not only from around the world but from around the world. She has received the SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award by the United Nations. So, towards our village From, we have decided. Build a temple for him. Like the gods, Sonu Sood will also be prayer for.