Petrol crossed Rs 100 in 11 states of the country

New Delhi: Once again, state-owned oil companies have increased the prices of oil, which has made petrol and diesel more expensive. Today their prices have increased for the 9th time in this month. With this increase, petrol and diesel in the country has reached above Rs 100 per liter. If we talk about where the most expensive oil is being sold, then petrol is being sold beyond 108 and diesel 100 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Apart from this, petrol and diesel are also being sold above Rs 100 in some other districts of Rajasthan. Apart from this, petrol has crossed Rs 105 in Indore and Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. In Mumbai too, petrol has crossed Rs 103. Petrol in Bangalore has reached above Rs 100. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 6.61 and diesel by Rs 6.91 in the last 27 days.

Talking about Delhi, here petrol has become costlier by 25 paise to 96.66 and diesel by 13 paise to Rs 87.41 per liter. So far this month, petrol has become costlier by Rs 2 43 paise and diesel by Rs 2 by 26 paise. If you compare Uttar Pradesh with Rajasthan, then petrol is costlier by about Rs 14. Petrol is being sold at Rs 94.14 a liter in Lucknow today.

Explain that after adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles. If the excise duty of the central government and the VAT of the state governments were removed, then the rate of diesel and petrol would have been around Rs 27 a liter, but whether it is the central or the state government, both cannot remove the tax at any cost. Because a major part of the revenue comes from here. This money is used for the development of the country.

It is worth noting that the prices of petrol and diesel change daily on the basis of the price of crude in the international market along with foreign exchange rates. Oil marketing companies fix the rates of petrol and diesel daily after reviewing the prices. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum revise the rates of petrol and diesel daily at 6 am.