PM Modi on “Mann Ki Baat” wishes Dussehra

PM Modi on “Mann Ki Baat” wishes Dussehra, says: “We have to light a lamp for soldiers who’re serving nation away from homes”

PM Modi Bats For Buying Local Products on Dussehra. PM Modi asked the youth of the country to learn marshal arts. He also talked about local sports like Mallakhamb making global headlines.

PM Said Mallakhamb making global headlines

PM Modi says that the world taking note of India’s products, cites example of the rising popularity of Khadi, and even local sports.

PM Modi asks people to remember the lockdown times that made us realise those close associates of society without whom our lives would have been very difficult. Sanitisation workers, housekeepers and guards were with us in difficult times, now in festivals, we’ve to take them along, he says.

Previously, a large number of people used to gather in Durga Pandal. It was a fair-like atmosphere during Durga Pooja and Dussehra, but this time it didn’t happen. Many more festivals are to be observed, we’ve to work with restraint during this Corona crisis, PM says.

“Today, all of you are living with great restraint, celebrating festivals with modesty. Therefore, in the COVID-19 battle, we are fighting, victory is certain,” PM says.

This time, amid the enthusiasm of festival when you go shopping make sure to remember your resolve of ‘vocal for local.’ When purchasing goods from market give priority to local products, says PM Modi.

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