PM Modi’s dig at Derek O’Brien’s remarks on ‘freedom of speech’, Thought he was referring to Bengal

New Delhi, Feb 08: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday slammed TMC MP Derek O’Brien during his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address in Rajya Sabha.

Taking a sarcasm at TMC MP Derek O’Brien, PM Narendra Modi referred to the speech of the TMC MP on freedom of speech and intimidation and asked him if he was referring to Bengal or the entire country.

I was listening to TMC MP Derek O’Brien. He has chosen some good words like Freedom of Speech and Bullying in his statement. Listening to his good words, I was wondering if he was from West Bengal. Referring to or Country, said PM Modi.

He was speaking in response to the President’s Address to the Motion of Thanks in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, where he spoke on a range of issues including farmers’ protests, China deadlock and Covid vaccination program.

Taking a pinch on the words Derek’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Id Intimation’, PM Modi said, “He watches all this 24 hours, so he might have said the same.”

Soon, Trinamool Congress MPs walked out as PMs in response to the President’s address to the Motion of Thanks.

In response to Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa, the PM said, ‘Bajwa Saheb of Congress was also speaking. He was speaking in details and at one time, I thought he would touch the Emergency (period) during his speech. But he stopped just one step in his speech from reaching the Emergency period. India was disappointed with the Congress party and now you are doing it again. “

India is going through various plagues including the Covid epidemic, the Prime Minister said, “We are all fighting a lot of adversities. Nobody would have thought that we would go through such a difficult time. We faced this difficult time and the challenges Accepted. Now we are emerging from it. “

He said, “From the beginning of the pandemic, the whole world is looking towards India. Initially, when there was uncertainty in the world about medicines compared to Indian medicines for medicines. Even today they are looking at us because India has Has done so. The largest vaccination program. “

Assembly elections are due in West Bengal in April-May this year and the BJP has already launched a massive offensive campaigning to expose the farmers’ issues to oust the Trinamool Congress government in the state.

Yesterday, at a public rally in Haldia, West Bengal, PM Modi accused Mamata Banerjee of blocking central schemes and called her rule a “ruthless government”.