President Putin took a dip in -14 degrees, is it tradition or any hint to the world?

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is often in the news on social media due to his adventures.

Now another video of him is currently in discussion on social media. In this, he is seen dipping in icy water at minus 14 degree temperature in Moscow.

At that time there was no other cloth on his body except just underwear. This video has been shared with the President of Russia’s Twitter account. But what was the reason that he did it in such a cold?

Putin looked quite fit and healthy in the picture, which also dismissed speculation about his ill health.

It is believed that Jesus dipped in the Jordan River and sins are dusted by taking a dip in the snow on this day. It is said that the people of Christianity believe that the water of a river, pond or bridge becomes sacred on this occasion in the middle of the night. The picture of President Putin taking a dip is becoming quite viral on social media. So far it has received more than three thousand likes and close to seven hundred retweets on the Russian President’s Twitter handle.