Quality of Life in India vs. US

Niharica Kaur Sodhi recently reflected on her experiences of life in both India and the US on social media, sparking a discussion on what constitutes quality of life. In her post, she candidly shared her observations, differentiating between the amenities of life in India and the elements that make for a good life.

After spending eleven days in the US, Niharica expressed admiration for certain luxuries in India such as quick food and grocery deliveries as well as the affordability of domestic help. She said that these amenities contribute to a comfortable daily life. However, she challenged her followers to consider whether these amenities truly define quality of life.

According to Niharica, true quality of life goes beyond material comforts and lies in basic necessities such as clean air, reliable electricity, accessible water, green spaces, and well-maintained roads. He argued that such basics are often taken for granted, and highlighted the contrast between the daily problems faced in some parts of India – such as power cuts and pollution – and the relatively comfortable lifestyle he experienced abroad.