Rahu Transit 2020: Know how it will affect your zodiac

On September 23, 2020, at about 5.28 am, Rahu will transit from Gemini to Taurus and will stay till April 12, 2022, approximately 18 months. Rahu is considered as a shadow planet in Vedic astrology, but its effect is seen on every zodiac sign. Usually, it shows the results according to the planet in which it is placed. However, if it is kept alone, it only represents the result of Saturn. If Rahu is positive then Raja Yoga has financial benefits and ability to travel abroad. But if it is negative, it will give disappointment, confusion, laziness, lust. This transit of Rahu will affect all zodiac signs in auspicious and inauspicious form. The transit of Rahu on 8 zodiac signs is strong indicating beneficial, but the change of Rahu for 4 zodiac signs is painful. These amounts are as follows…

These zodiac will remain in profit

Rahu’s entry into the wealth house will open many doors of success for you. With the receipt of contingency money, there will be hope of returning the money which has been held for a long time. Purchasing expensive items will lead to luxury life. The resolve to buy a house or vehicle can be fulfilled. If you work by keeping control of your stubbornness and charge, then chances of success will be highest. Work is becoming the sum of good progress in business.

This change will prove to give you unexpected results. Work business will progress. Promotion of job and receipt of new contract will also be made. If you want to change the place then try. Work is pending in central or state government departments. Time will be relatively and favorable for the students. If you want to take decisions related to elections, then the result will be favorable.

Rahu transit will be very auspicious for you. Transiting at this place, Rahu solves all the problems of the native and removes him from adverse situations and leads him to the highest peak of success. Transit positions of other planets are also giving good signs of your success.

Rahu transit will prove favorable for you. By working from a small level, you will reach the height of success. Rahu is considered to be the best for politics at this place, so if you get full pleasure of governance, then if you keep relations with senior members then difficulties will automatically go away. Be reflective of parents’ health. Social prestige will increase. Election decisions indicate in your favor. There will also be increased interest in spiritual matters and spiritual progress.

Time will be favorable for people starting new jobs and business. There will be many good opportunities for profit. Applying for service etc. in foreign companies will be favorable. Overall Rahu transit can be very favorable for you.

Rahu transit will open many successes for you. The awaited works will be settled. There will also be complete happiness of governance. Good relations will be formed with officials. The competition will be favorable for the contestants participating in the education competition. Transit will be more favorable for the business class. There may be some delay in marriage related negotiations. Interest in matters of religion and work will increase only in the field of spirituality.

Rahu’s transit will not only help in fighting difficult situations, but will also solve all the problems that may come. Making full use of his energy power will also get job promotion and signing of new contracts. Your decision and actions taken by you will be appreciated. Every effort made towards employment will be successful.

This transit will make you courageous and mighty. There will be a huge increase in social prestige. Your decisions will also be appreciated. Good relations will be formed with politicians and top officials. If you want to take a decision related to elections, the effect is favorable. Rahu effect will be better for students or students sitting in the competition. It would be better to apply for service in foreign companies also. There are signs of promotion and new contracts in the job.

These zodiac signs can cause problems

The transit of Rahudev will increase your expenses drastically. Drive the vehicle carefully during this period to avoid wasteful controversy. It would be better if the court court also resolves the cases outside. Do not let relations with high officials in the field deteriorate. Time will be tough for students. During this period, you may have to take a painful journey. In such a situation, travel only when it is very important.

Work area may face problems. It is possible that your own people in the workplace try to degrade, in such a situation, being careful of conspirators at all times, in vain Stay away from controversies too. Health concerns can be disturbing. However the good thing is that you may get sudden benefits in this period. There is also a possibility of getting secret money.

Concern with children can be disturbing. You may also have to suffer from some kind of child. The result of transit in love related matters or in matters of love marriage cannot be said to be favorable. There will be a possibility of differences with senior family members or elder brothers. This time will be favorable for students. You will be able to take good decisions under adverse circumstances.

Rahu Dev’s transit is not very favorable for you. Protect your luggage while traveling. There will be disturbance in the mind. During this time you can go through mental anguish. You can become irritable about small things. There may be trouble at home. Falling health of parents will also be a matter of concern for you. However you can get good results in the field. The dream of buying a vehicle or a house can be fulfilled.

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