Rahul Gandhi urged the USA to intervene in India’s domestic affairs

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is once again at the end of the sting bar on social media urging the United States of America to intervene in India’s domestic affairs and America’s silence on ‘what is happening in India’ Questioned?

The former Congress president made these comments in an interactive virtual conversation with former US Under Secretary and Professor Nicholas Burns of Harvard University.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that there was ‘wholesale capture’ of institutions in India by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party government, which did not allow opposition parties to operate easily in the country.

“I am not hearing anything from the American establishment about what is happening in India. If you are saying a partnership of democracy, I mean … what is your view on what is going on here?

He said, “I basically believe that America is a profound idea. The way the idea of ​​freedom is enshrined in your constitution is a very powerful idea, but you should defend that idea. That’s the real question.” They said.

His remarks outweigh horrific events on many levels. First, the Congress Party is currently electorally plagued with internal extravagance. Not only has the Congress lost badly in the last two Lok Sabha elections, but it has also clung to a host of states.

Many of its prominent leaders have left the party due to the runaway party and the apathetic attitude of the top leadership.

For the past six months, a group of Congress leaders – dubbed ‘G-23’ by the media, have been pushing for a demand for accountability and democracy in the Gandhi family’s party.

In the current state, even the most die-hard Congress supporters admitted that the party was not in a position to challenge the Narendra Modi government.

Unable to win the election and rapidly sinking the party’s state, Gandhi now appears to be involved in the game of weakening Prime Minister Modi by going overseas. He completely forgets that India, whichever party is in power, has always opposed foreign interference in its domestic affairs.

Even Rahul’s grandmother, the late Indira Gandhi, when she was Prime Minister, led the US administration during the 1971 Bangladesh War. US President Richard Nixon then hosted lewd, lascivious and lewd comments against him. And as history shows, America’s intervention – from Vietnam to Afghanistan – has only destabilized those countries and distracted the conflict.

Anyway, India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, has emerged as a powerful nation globally and will not interfere in it.

Right now India needs a vibrant and responsible opposition who will raise valid questions on policy issues and hold the government responsible at the Center.

Rahul needs to work diligently in rebuilding the party and also to shore up his tiring credibility. This takes too much time and Gandhi is unable to measure the toil.

The irresponsible and irresponsible remarks he made would only offend young, confident and ambitious Indians.

Rahul, as difficult as it seems, needs to grow up and put his nose up to the grindstone.