Rhea’s counsel and Shiv Sena taunts on Gupteshwar Pandey’s VRS

Patna: Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey has been in a lot of discussion about his statements recently. Explain that the Bihar government has given them VRS. Rhea’s lawyer and Shiv Sena have leveled their VRS. Angered by his statements in the Sushant case, Shiv Sena and Rhea’s lawyer have targeted him for taking VRS. Rhea’s lawyer Satish Mansinde issued a statement saying that Sushant was not in the Sushant case, but Gupteshwar Pandey got justice.

Satish Mansinde issued a statement after Gupteshwar Pandey’s VRS saying, “The way the Bihar government accepted Gupteshwar Pandey’s VRS within 24 hours, it was the same as the FIR against Riya was given to the CBI. . It seems that Sushant, not Sushant, has got justice. “Satyamev Jayate

Shiv Sena also erupted – Shiv Sena has also been infuriated by the Bihar government giving VRS to IPS officer Gupteshwar Pandey. Shiv Sena spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi has targeted Gupteshwar Pandey by tweeting. Priyanka tweeted and wrote, “If you want to do politics, do it hard, if you want to contest elections, fight on courage and truth. But in this ‘secret’ way, starting your campaign with someone’s unfortunate death is very sad and unfortunate. May God give you wisdom before success, this is your wish. “

Please tell that the tenure of Gupteshwar Pandey, a 1987 batch IPS officer, is going to end after five months. He was made DGP of Bihar on 31 January 2019. Gupteshwar Pandey’s term as the Director General of Police of the state is scheduled to be completed on 28 February 2021. On the other hand, there is speculation about Pandey going into politics.

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