Scorpion King: Selling one gram of poison for rupees 73 lakh, earns millions of rupees

New Delhi: Mohammad Hamdi Boshta, a 27-year-old young man, lives with more than 80,000 snakes and scorpions. These poisonous scorpions and snakes have brought good luck for him.

By selling poison, he earns millions of rupees. This strange hobby made him rich and successful business of poision. He gets around 73 lakh rupees ($ 10,000) in exchange for one gram of poison.

What is the use of poison
Mohammad Hamdi dropped out of a degree in archeology a few years ago due to his hobby of catching scorpions from the desert and coastal areas of Egypt. They poison these scorpions, which are used to make medicines.

Big company owner
At the age of just 25, Mohammad Hamdi has become the owner of the Cairo Venom Company. This is a project where more than 80,000 thousand scorpions and snakes of different species are kept. These snakes and scorpions are poisoned and sold to pharmaceutical companies.

How is poison extracted?
With the help of UV light (ultraviolet light), a small electric shock is given to remove the poison of scorpions caught. As soon as an electric shock occurs, the venom of scorpions comes out and is stored.

How much gram of poison is used
According to a Reuters report, about 20,000 to 50,000 antivenom (anticonvulsant) doses can be made from one gram of scorpion poison. While preparing antivenom drugs great care is taken in the quantity of scorpion venom.

Where is the supply of poison
Mohammed Hamdi Boshta supplies these scorpions of poison in Europe and America, where they are used to make medicines for all diseases such as antivenum dose and hypertension. On selling one gram of scorpion poison, they get 10 thousand US dollars i.e. about 73 lakh rupees.

Why antivenom drugs are expensive
According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80,000 people bite poisonous snakes or scorpions every year in the US. A human needs immediate treatment when bitten by these poisonous organisms. But unfortunately the antivenum drug market is very small. Perhaps this is why the prices of these medicines are very high.

How does death happen due to poisonous stings
The poison of poisonous organisms rapidly damages the tissue present in the human body. This increases the risk of haemorrhage or respiratory arrest. These poisons can be so painful and fatal that a person can die in an instant.

The anti-venom market is very small all over the world. Because of this, these medicines are very expensive. In such a situation, people like Boshta are no less than a messiah. Western media called Boshta as ‘Scorpion King’.