Secrets and Armor of Eleven Faced Hanumanji

Shankar ji said – O Uma, there was a terrible strong demon named Kalkarmukh. That monstrous monster with eleven faces tortured Brahma ji for a long time. Pleased with his heat, Brahma ji said to the Kalkar Mukha Rakshasa – O Tat, ask me for a boon.

Asura said – O Kartar – You give me such a boon – “No one can win me, even if there is time in front of me in the battle! The one who wears eleven faces on the date of my birth should kill me.” Saying so, Chaturanan Brahma ji disappeared.

After getting the boon, the arrogant Asura started doing whatever he wanted in the world. He took away all the rights of the gods and corrupted all the ethics of the Shrutis. The world became extremely distressed and there was immense hue and cry. All the bodily beings, the deities cried out – O God… save us, O abode of compassion, Sitharaman, take away our troubles.

Doha Nishicharpati’s voice is puni, Hanumant jumps wheat.
Fly high in the sky, very fast immediately.

Shivji says that – O Bhavani! After listening to the prayers of the deities, Lord Ram said to Hanuman ji – “O monkey! Mahavir! Hanuman. Your name Sankat Mochan, the abode of incomparable strength, wisdom and knowledge, make it real. Religion is in great trouble, get rid of it.

Obeying the command of the Lord, Kapish Hanuman ji took the form of the eleventh face, becoming the sign of happiness in the world, on the day of Chaitra Purnima, on the day of Shanishchar – the date and day of birth of that demon, to give victory and happiness to the deities. As soon as he heard this, the Asura ran with a huge army. Enraged Hanumant Ju, seeing the wicked, immediately flared up like Anal and in a moment he destroyed all the crew, seeing this the gods in the sky were elated. Then Hanumant Ji caught hold of the Rakshaspati’s neck and immediately flew into the sky with great speed.