Sensational disclosure: ‘farmer’ arrested for shooting 4 farmer leaders at Singhu border

New Delhi: Farmers sitting on the Delhi-Haryana Singhu border have made a sensational disclosure, demanding the repeal of 3 new agricultural laws implemented by the Central Government.

Farmers have arrested a person on Friday at the Singhu Border strike site. The apprehended suspected shooter revealed to the media that on January 26, he was ordered to shoot four peasant leaders sitting on the stage if anything went wrong.

Addressing a press conference on Friday night, the farmers on the Singhu border accused of a sinister conspiracy to disrupt the peasant movement and introduced a masked person to the media. The captured shooter has claimed that he was planning to spoil the atmosphere by firing at a farmer tractor rally on 26 January. The suspect who was caught by the farmers told that between 23 and 26 January, the peasant leaders were to be shot and the work of women was to provoke the people. The shooter confessed that he has also acted to spoil the atmosphere in the Jat movement. He also allegedly named police officers involved in the scheme.

Speaking at the press conference, the man claimed that his team was given weapons at two places. During the January 26 tractor rally, it was planned that half of his team would be present wearing police uniforms to disperse groups of farmers. The masked man further claimed that we were also given a picture of four people on the stage who were to be shot. The person who directed us is a policeman.

The masked man claimed that “we have two teams.” I am here since 19 January. We were tasked to find out whether the protesters were carrying weapons. She further stated, for January 26, the plan was that our other team members would mingle with the protesters and if the protesters approached with their parade, we were asked to shoot at them.

The shooter caught on the Singhu border has been taken to the Crime Branch office. During interrogation, it is revealed that the name of the accused is Yogesh and he is a resident of New Jeevan Nagar of Sonepat. According to police, he has no criminal record yet.