Shanidev curved vision: Even his Guru Devadhidev Mahadev himself could not escape from Shani Dev’s curved vision

In religious beliefs, it is said about Shani Dev, who is considered to be the authority of punishment, that whoever gets an oblique glance of Shani cannot escape his wrath. Even Devadhidev Mahadev himself could not escape his wrath. Let us know what is this story of Shani Dev and Mahadev and who made Shani Dev deserve punishment.

In Hindu religious texts and scriptures, Lord Shiva has been described as the Guru of Shani Dev, and the power to do justice to Shani Dev and punish anyone has been received only by the blessings of Lord Shiva, that is, Shani Dev gives fruits to anyone according to his deeds. . He punishes sinners and blesses those who do good deeds to be happy. Whether they are gods or demons, human beings or animals, no one can escape the sight of Shani.

This is how Shani Dev became a disciple of Shiva

According to the scriptures, Shanidev, the son of Suryadev and Goddess Chhaya, has been called a cruel planet, Shani Dev was very arrogant in his childhood. Father Suryadev, troubled by his arrogance, asked Lord Shiva to show the right path to his son Shani.

Even after Lord Shiva’s explanation, there was no change in Shani Dev’s arrogance. So one day Shiva attacked Shani Dev to teach him a lesson, due to which Shani Dev fainted. Then at the behest of father Suryadev, Shiva broke the unconsciousness of Shani Dev and made Shani Dev his disciple and since then he started cooperating with Lord Shiva in the works of justice and punishment.

According to the legend, one day Shani Dev, after meeting his guru Devadhidev Bholenath on Mount Kailash, said – Lord, tomorrow I am going to enter your zodiac, that is, my curved vision is going to fall on you. When Shivji heard this, he was astonished and said to Shani Dev – for how long will your curvaceous vision stay on me?

Shani Dev said to Shiva – Tomorrow my curvature will be on you for three hours. The next day in the morning, Shiva thought that today Shani’s vision is going to fall on me, so I have to do something so that Shani cannot see me on this day? Then Shiva, thinking something, appeared in the world of death i.e. earth and started roaming in the nightingale forest disguised as an elephant. Even today there is a famous temple of Shani Dev in Nightingale Forest and thousands of devotees come there from far and wide to have darshan.

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In this way, Mahadev continued to roam the earth throughout the day taking the form of an elephant. When evening came, Lord Shiva thought that now Shani will be going from my zodiac, so now I should come back to my original form and walk back to Kailash. When he returned to Mount Kailash after taking his real form, Bholenath arrived in a happy posture, Shani Dev was already there waiting for him.

On seeing Shani Dev, Shiva said – O Shani Dev! Look, your curvaceous vision had no effect on me. Today I was safe from you all day. Hearing the words of Bholenath, Shani Dev smiled and said – Lord! From my point of view neither any god nor any demon has survived. Even you were affected by my curvature for the whole day today.

Lord Shiva in surprise asked Shani that how is this possible? If I have not met you, then there is no question of curvature? Shani Dev smiled gracefully and said to Shiva – Lord, because of my curvaceous vision, you had to go from God’s vagina to the animal vagina all day today, thus you became the character of my curved vision. Hearing this, Bholenath was pleased with Shani Dev and embraced him and the whole Kailash mountain started resonating with Shani Dev.

Thus impressed by Shanidev’s cleverness, Shiva appointed him as the magistrate. Since then it is believed that Shani Dev has an account of the deeds of every person and accordingly he keeps on punishing him in the form of Sadesati and Dhaiyya.