Shanidev keeps watch on everyone, every moment is accounted for

Suryaputra Shanidev (Shanidev) says to his adored Lord Vishnu, I am also the guru of the gurus and the warrior of the warriors, I am also the yogi of the yogis, I am also the king of kings and this is my kingdom over the whole universe and a kingdom that will never end. Not gonna. I am also the master of the earth.

Everyone sees with two eyes but I see this world with millions of eyes. Till date no one has escaped from my eyes. Even if he does a million tricks, no matter how many lies he tells… who is in how deep the water, I keep watching everyone. When the time comes, I give every account of everything, because I keep the account of everyone moment by moment.

Shani Dev said – I love, love, bless, pity, help, and protect those who are true human beings. The person who is a traitor, is dishonest, is a rapist, steals, adulterates, is dishonest, does double number business and indulges in the dirty company, I destroy such unrighteous people.

Lord Shanidev, the son of Surya, says that I am always with my devotees but cannot be seen. But every true devotee definitely feels me and they know that Lord my Shani Dev is with me, due to which their life becomes transparent day by day. He becomes great by imbibing truth in his life.

Shani Dev said – I make every invaluable pleasure of the world, I make each of my devotees so powerful and patient by making them sit in my lap, then they never get caught in the web of Maya. Singing my praises, till the last breath of his life, he dedicates his invaluable life towards his country’s religion his nation mother India towards the mother cow. Those who do these things at the feet of Mother Earth are my true devotees, my children.

Shani is one of the nine primary celestial beings in Hindu astrology (ie Vedic astrology).

The planet Saturn is placed in Saturn. Shani is the lord of Saturday. Its element or element is air, and its direction is west. He is Tamas by nature and represents learning, career, and longevity the hard way.

The word Shani is derived from the following: Shanaye kramati sa: which means one who moves slowly. Saturn takes about 30 years to orbit the Sun, thus it moves more slowly than other planets, thus the Sanskrit name Shani is actually a semi-deity and the wife of Surya (Hindu sun god) and Surya He is the son of Chhaya.

It is said that when he first opened his eyes as a child, the Sun went into an eclipse, which clearly shows the influence of Saturn on the astrological chart (Kundali).

He is depicted in a dark complexion, dressed in black; holding a sword, arrows, and two daggers and mounted variously on a black crow or a crow. He presides over ‘Saturday’ or Saturday

In the body, Shani rules the nails, hair, teeth, bones, and nervous system. Diseases of the ear, jaundice, arthritis, deafness, depression, anxiety, insanity, and asthma are also associated with bad aspects Saturn in a bad position in the birth chart

Favorite Color: Blue, Black; favorite day Saturday; Favorite God / Deity Lord Hanuman

Effect of Saturn (Saturn)

Shani (Sanskrit – Shani) is darkness, the enemy of light. When it is well situated in the seventh house, or seen well, it bestows its natives with integrity, wisdom, spirituality, fame, patience, ability to lead, authority, long life, organizational ability, honesty, Gives honesty, awareness of justice, awareness. Right and wrong (because it governs the inner conscience), non-attachment and penance.

When it is inauspicious or inauspicious it brings misery, sorrow, delay, obstruction, despair, animosity, disputes, despair, difficulties, despair and destruction (death). It makes its natives undisciplined, irresponsible, dishonest, retarded, addicted to drugs, sadistic, greedy, lonely and fearful. Accidents, humiliation, prison, trial, suicidal tendencies, fear of theft, theft, blame, enmity, pessimism and premature aging are also attributed to an inauspicious or inauspicious Saturn.

Shani symbolizes cruelty and irritability in people’s lives. It is regressive in nature. It creates fears of chronic diseases, accidents, enmity, financial crisis, mental depression and a slowdown in business.

Gems for Saturn

The Navratna gemstone for Shani or Shani is Neelam (Sapphire), it has to be bought and worn on Saturday, after the compatibility test, Neelam should be at least 2 carat weight and should be worn on the middle finger on Saturday, the best time is Wearing Neelam or Neelam is on Saturday evening, after the rising of the moon.

How to get rid of the negative effects of Saturn when Saturn is retrograde

According to Indian mythology, the malefic effects of Shani can be reduced and the auspicious effects can be increased by performing the following actions. You can choose any or all of these at your convenience.

Donating black cloth, silk cloth, cow, buffalo, mare, black gram, and black til (sesame) on Saturday will greatly affect Shani to benefit the devotees and stay away from adverse effects, as they are dear to the planet Shani. Colors and Objects.

Donating a piece of copper to Dakota (the person who accepts the offerings offered to Shani Dev) on Saturday will reduce the ill effects of Shani.

Donating mustard oil to a Dakota on any Saturday pleases the planet Saturn.

Wearing Sapphire on any Saturday after examining its suitability on the middle finger gives the blessings of Shani. After wearing it once on any Saturday, the ring should be worn continuously for a long time.

Offering mustard oil and black flowers in Havan (fire sacrifice) will also increase the grace of Shani.

Take a bath with products related to Shani: As a remedy for Shani, take a bath by putting black sesame seeds in water. If you take a bath with this water on Saturday, then you will get good results by the grace of Shani. If you meditate on Shani Dev while taking a bath and chant his mantra, then it will be beneficial for you. Try not to lie or cheat anyone on this day.

Donate products of Shani: If you donate products for Shani, it will reduce the bad results for the planet. You can donate black lentils and mustard oil for the auspiciousness of Shani. If you donate in secret it will increase auspiciousness. You can donate these products to Shani’s temple or to any needy person.

Shani Mantra: You can chant Shani Mantra or recite Hanuman Chalisa. The mantra of Shani is Om Shanishcharaya Namah. If you chant this mantra daily or on Saturday, then it will be beneficial for you.

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