Shivling is the symbol of the rotating earth or infinite universe

According to the Ishan Samhita, Lord Shiva appeared in the form of a linga at midnight on the greatness of Falgun Krishna Chaturdashi. The axis of the rotating earth or the entire infinite universe with the atmosphere is the linga. Therefore its beginning and end are also the chessboard of ordinary people, unknown even to the deities, eternal or neti-neti. The orbit of the planets of the solar system is the snake wrapped around Shiva’s body.

Sun, Moon and Fire are the only three eyes

According to Mundakopanishad, the sun, moon and fire are your three eyes. Make clumps of clouds, the sky is the water, the Ganges on the head and the whole universe is your body. Shiva is sometimes like a summer sky (zero) shining like camphor or silver, sometimes blue like the winter sky and sometimes muddy like the rainy sky, he has a body wrapped in ash. That is, Shiva is directly the real idol of the universe or infinite nature. In humanization, the air life, the ten directions, the ten ears of the five-faced Mahadev, the heart, the whole world, the sun, the navel or center and the nectar means water-rich kamandalu resides in the hand.

Why is Shiva the only Mahadev

To become great or great requires sacrifice, penance, endurance, generosity and stamina. You are Mahadev by saving the poison within yourself and being the giver of nectar to the dependents and maintaining one family, one unit keeping the contradictions and inequalities in balance. Near you the lion of Parvati, your ox, the snakes of the body, the peacock of Kumar Kartikeya, the mouse of Ganesha, the fire of poison and the water of the Ganges, sometimes Pinaki, the archer Veer, sometimes Narmundadhara Kapali, sometimes Ardhanarishvara and sometimes Mahakali’s feet, sometimes Mrid i.e. omnipotent, sometimes Digambar, Nirmandev Bhava and Sanhardev Rudra, sometimes Bhootnath, sometimes Vishwanath, etc. whose majesty leads to a holy confluence of all the opposite things, only they can be the God of gods, Mahadev.

Why does Belpatra, Bhang, Datura climb?

Having Omkar in the word form, ‘A’ means Sattvaguna or creation, creation or creation, ‘U’ in the form of Rajoguna or maintenance and ‘M’ means Tamoguna form by destroying, ending or ending and then ushering in new creation like generation, As a symbol of the simultaneous coordinated power of Operation and Destruction (God), or the destruction of the creation situation, three-parted, triple-shaped Bel leaves and Bhang Datura etc. are offered in the representative form of poison.

What is gender

The word means a sign, a sign or a symbol. Being the symbol of void, sky, infinite, universe and formless Supreme Person, it is called Linga. It is said in Skanda Purana that the sky itself is the linga. Earth is its back or base and everything is born out of infinite void, due to its fusion in it, it is called Linga.

Why Shivling is out in temples

Being the deity of the common man, he should always be accessible or accessible to everyone, his place has been fixed considering that. He is the only deity who gives darshan to the devotees from afar in the sanctum sanctorum. Children, old and young, whoever goes by touching them, hugging or falling on their feet, they can become light and hear their pain. If you do not have anything to offer, then you can also be made happy by offering water, leaves, flowers or Anjali.

Why does water rise

The first step of creation or creation is to sow, to irrigate or to pour. Summer heat and water moisture are needed simultaneously for sowing seeds. Therefore, not only offering water to Adidev Shiva, the first idol or first creation of life, it becomes more important to do Abhishek continuously. It is the law of nature that the destruction of the creation situation happens continuously, over and over again. The flowing water of Abhishek is a symbol of the moving, living world.

Why is Shani called Shivaputra

The Sanskrit word Shani means life or water and Ashni means sky lightning or fire. In the Vedic mantra of worship of Shani, there is actually a prayer for compatibility of all the three states of water in gas, liquid and solid form. Being water in its original form, Shani has been personified in the Puranas as Shivputra or Shivdas. That is why it is said that if both Shiva and Shani are happy, then they are happy and if they are angry, they make them miserable. But Shani is the son of Surya. The Sun being the basis of life, the origin of the state of creation, the cause of rain, has been considered as the form of Shiva or Vishnu himself in the Puranas. It is instructed that the worship of Shiva or Vishnu is incomplete without Surya worship. There is no contradiction in this matter as the Sun itself is a water-giving nutrient and Saturn itself being a water-form.

Four pujas of the night

In the worship of the four prahars in the night, milk should be mainly included in the Abhishek water in the first part, curd in the second, ghee in the third and honey in the fourth.