Some indoor plants that give good energy and happiness; know where to put them

Mixing greens and vegetables inside the house has its own benefits. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of the house, it also improves the air quality and adds positivity. However, not all plants can be kept indoors. Some of the best indoor plants are said to bring prosperity in our lives, while others are considered inauspicious and attract negative vibes. If you want to decide which plant should be kept indoors and which one should be kept outside, refer to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is similar to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. The Sanskrit word Vastu Shastra translates to ‘the science of architecture’. It is usually referred to to create a friendly and peaceful place. Its science is applied to the condition of plants at home which will affect the health, luck and wealth of its inhabitants. Plants like bamboo, jasmine, aloe vera and money plant are suitable for indoors while cactus and creepers are believed to attract negative energy.

Using its principles, here are some plants that you should keep inside your homes-

Lily Lily is a beautiful plant that will add to the beauty of your home. It adds shine indoors and promotes a healthy lifestyle. According to Vastu, it removes negative energies and purifies the surrounding air. Lilies are also believed to promote emotional health and peace and harmony. For mental and physical health, they should be kept in the east direction. For wealth and prosperity, it can be placed in the south-west corner.

Snake Plant It is indigenous to Asia and Africa. Its identity is its evergreen leaves. Low-maintenance and can easily survive in direct sunlight and little water. This plant purifies the air and improves the flow of oxygen which in turn reduces stress and anxiety and makes a perfect plant in the bedroom. To bring positive energy to the east, south and south-east corners of your house, place them in the east, south or south-east corners of your house.

Money Plant This plant is known for good luck, positivity and success and also affects the financial well-being of the people. It is believed that if it is placed in the south-east direction, it brings good luck. Like snake plants, these are low-maintenance and can thrive in indirect sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo Lucky bamboo is considered auspicious. They need lots of bright indirect light to thrive. Plant it in the South-East to bring luck and wealth and improve positive energy at home/workplace. 10 bamboo bunches are believed to bring good health and prosperity.

Tulsi The sacred plant of Hinduism, Tulsi brings peace and happiness and wards off evil and negativity. Keep it in the east or northeast direction of the house and handle it with utmost care and respect.