Tension on LAC: Chinese Defense Minister expressed desire to meet Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Tensions between India and China continue to grow. Meanwhile, China’s Defense Minister Jernal Wei has expressed a desire to meet Rajnath Singh. On the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Russia’s capital Moscow, China’s Defense Minister Jernal Wei has expressed a desire to meet with India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. This description is considered to be extremely important in view of the ongoing tension between the two armies on the border. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet.

It is known that both Rajnath Singh and Kalve are in Moscow to attend the SCO meeting on Friday. However, no statement has yet been made on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of India on the desire to meet Chinese Defense Minister K Rajnath Singh. Before this, sources were quoted quoting that Defense Minister Rajnath Singh would not meet his Chinese counterpart at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting.

The tensions between India and China have continued since the height of tension between 29-30 midnight on the southern bank of Pangong Lake and on the night of 31 August, due to intrusive attempts by the Chinese Army. India is asking China from the northern areas of Pangong Lake to repel its troops. Due to China’s trickery, no solution was found in the earlier talks at the Brigadier level. In such a situation, the situation between the two countries is getting worse.

However, Indian troops controlled the areas of Rekin La and Rejang La where the Indian Army had never sent troops since 1962. There was a fierce battle in both these places in the year 1962. Control of Indian troops has also been established on ‘Magar Hill’ and Hill Gurung Hill near Spangur Gap near Pangong Lake. Thus at this time all the hills from the south bank of Pengong to Rejang La are under the control of Indian troops. The forces of India and China are standing at a distance of a few hundred meters in this area and tension is at a peak.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on three-day visit to Russia. He will attend the SCO meeting today. During the Moscow visit, India and Russia have finalized a major agreement to manufacture AK-203 rifle in India. The official Russian media gave this information.