Tesla India orders Made-in-India smart inverters from IIT-Kanpur based startup

Oxy Neuron India Pvt. Ltd. A startup at SIIC (Startup Incubation and Innovation Center) has unveiled its latest offering ‘Magic Box’ Smart Lithium Wall Mount Portable Inverter, and its first customer is none other than the Indian division of electric car maker Tesla.

The device was unveiled at IIT Outreach Centre, Noida along with Hon’ble Minister of State for MSME, Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma, DIG, CISF Prabodh Chandra and dignitaries from IIT Kanpur including Professor Amitabh Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Nikhil Agarwal – CEO of IIT Kanpur and Shri Vikas Prakash was present. ,

The inverter claims to be 94 percent more efficient than the transformer-based inverters available in the market. The device is IoT compatible and can be controlled easily using a smartphone.

The inverter is fabricated using pure copper wiring and is powered by using LiPo4 batteries with high quality cells. Not only is it compatible with solar charging capabilities, but it can also be used to charge electric vehicles. The company promises 15 years of battery life as well as a five-year replaceable guarantee.

ER Ashutosh Verma, founder of OxyNeuron, with a career spanning over 14 years, has worked with several government and non-government organizations in industries like hydrology, cyber security, clean energy, AI, robotics, forensics, etc.

He said in a statement, “The Lipon Inverter is a new and innovative device that helps to store electricity and reduce the carbon footprint to astronomical levels. Such innovations are the need of the hour especially in rural India. Needs more attention. Magic inverter is expected to solve the issue of power backup in rural India.”

He said, “It is capable of revolutionizing the industry in future. We have received the first order of Magic Box Inverter from Tesla India. Government support for start-ups and such innovations is a boost for our start-ups to grow and develop with more and more innovative products which are of great help to the public at large.

Tesla India was in the news recently when it requested the government to reduce import tax before bringing its popular electric vehicles to the Indian market. According to sources in a conversation with Reuters, Tesla India has contacted PM Narendra Modi’s office to discuss plans to sell their vehicles in India.

As of now, India imposes an import duty of 60 percent on electric vehicles costing $40,000 or less and 100 percent on vehicles priced above. At These Prices, Tesla Cars Won’t Be That Cheap Anymore

However, government officials were divided with the decision to offer the Ease, as there are several Indian carmakers who are already trying their best to make a mark across the country like Tata, Mahindra as well as other EV makers. who are making their own vehicles. India. Facilitating Tesla won’t contribute to boost domestic EV production.

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