The way India is fighting the epidemic, it deserves respect: Matthew Hayden

New Delhi: India is in the grip of the second wave of the Corona epidemic, as never before. The entire country is struggling with the dreaded spread of the virus. The entire media of the world has left no stone unturned in trailing India, a country of 1.4 billion population.

But, India’s population makes the implementation and success of any public scheme a challenge. Former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden explains how despite such a large population, India is steadily facing this epidemic.

Matthew Hayden says that I have been visiting India for over a decade and have traveled all over the country, especially Tamil Nadu, which I consider to be my ‘spiritual home’. I have always had the highest respect for the leaders and government officials who have been entrusted with the task of running such a diverse and vast country.

He said, “Wherever I went, people greeted me with love and affection, for which I remain in debt.” I can proudly claim that I have watched India closely over the years and that is why my heart cries not only in pain at this time, but also for that bad time. Surely no one will come here and spend time to understand India, its people and their myriad challenges, then only they will know what is the problem here. “

Hayden said, “As a cricketer and a lover of sports, I have maintained my association with the sport which has allowed me to come to India to cover the Indian Premier League (IPL). Many of my teammates have also been playing in the IPL for years. In this context, at a time when the world is closing its doors to India and beating the government, I thought of sharing my thoughts while living in India, so that people sitting thousands of miles away would have a positive attitude towards India. Can become an approach. ”

He said, “I am not a data person, but the figures I have collected from some media reports are surprising. India has already vaccinated over 160 million people (five times the population of Australia) and India is testing 1.3 million a day. What I am saying is that the vast numbers and the challenges associated with it should not be ignored. ”

The former cricketer said, “When one thinks of India, one word comes to mind” unbelievable “. A popular term which is the slogan of Indian tourism, ‘Incredible India’. Even now, nothing has changed in my view of this ancient civilization due to the Scott Morrison government being temporarily caught in the political crossfire of banning travel to Australia. “

“So far, this huge mass of humanity is going through an epidemic, the new normal replacing various religious festivals, attractive wedding ceremonies, crowded streets filled with street vendors and animals, all sadly,” he said. – such as the Morrison government’s travel policy – temporarily halted. ”

Hayden said, “Looking through my window of the room to Bengaluru, a bond has been established. Thanks to health officials for our new global anthem, in which things like ‘stay at home, clean your hands, wear your mask, create social distance’. A race in the background is busy in many respects for life, as national resources such as oxygen and vital medical supplies are being re-routed from manufacturing plants to hospitals and care facilities. Simple truth: Demand for basic medical facilities is making the supply like one of Usain Bolt’s competitors. “

In short, Busy is replaced by Nervous. India is currently facing the challenges of a catastrophic epidemic, so fear and anxiety can actually be felt. The reporter asked him a question as to why an Australian former cricketer is away from his beloved country and family at such an important, even dangerous time? He said that on the surface there is commercial value for my family, having played in every IPL since 2008 and worked here.

He said, “It’s true, my remuneration is important and yes, it pays my family bills.” Broadly speaking, however, I have a deep connection with India that is involved in my life’s mission: to connect people and organizations on purpose and strategy. My purpose in supporting the IPL this season was to provide welcome relief for the monotony of extended periods of partial or difficult lockdowns. Every evening from 6.30 pm, cricket lovers, and let me tell you, there are a few who went online or turned on television to watch their favorite franchise fight. “

Hayden said, “As a true lover of the game when I was four years old, my voice, full of enthusiasm, helps to tell our great game by bringing an authentic positive outlook to the cricketing community.” Cricketers, especially in the IPL, have apparently been easy targets of the media and cannot defend themselves because of their contractual obligations. “

“It makes it more important for people like me who have ever been in a similar position, but now from outside can not only share the player’s point of view but also speak for them,” he said. India is a rich civilization which has very few similarities in the world and in its time of need, we should at least appreciate its cultural, regional, linguistic, human development and other complexities before we take any decision on it.