To understand the ultimate mystery of life, one has to understand this form of Shiva

Lord Shiva is being worshiped for centuries but very few people know that there is another form of Shiva which is Ardhanarishwar. In the Ardhanarishvara avatar of Lord Shankar, we see that half the body of Lord Shankar is that of a female and half of the body of a man. He wanted to give a message to the people through this form that men and women are equal. This avatar gives the message of equality of both men and women. The importance of man in society, family and life is as much as that of woman. Their life is incomplete without each other, they complete each other.

What is the secret of this form of God, no one really knows. Those who want to understand this ultimate mystery of life, they have to understand this form of Shiva. The meaning of Ardhanarishvara is that half of your personality becomes that of a woman and half that of a man. Your own energy becomes half feminine and half male. Then there is no immersion of that energy anywhere between the two of them.

If you ask a biologist today, they agree. They say, every person is both – bi is sexual. He is half man, half woman. You should be, because you are born from the union of a woman and a man. So you must be half-half. If you were only born to a mother, you would be a woman; Had only been born to the father, he would have been a man. But in you is fifty percent your father and fifty percent your mother. So you will be half – half – you will be Ardhanarishvara.

Biology has now discovered this here in fifty years, but we have established this notion in the statue of Ardhanarishvara, at least fifty thousand years ago from today. And we discovered this concept on the basis of the experience of the yogi. When the yogi is absorbed within, he finds that I am both – Prakriti as well as Purusha; I am getting both; My man is getting absorbed in my nature; My nature is meeting my man; His embrace goes on uninterrupted.

Psychologists also say that you are half male and half female. Your conscious is male, your unconscious is female. If your conscious is female, then your unconscious is male. The world is made of duality, so you must be two. You are looking for the woman outside, because you do not know the woman within. You are looking for the man outside, because you do not know the man within. And that’s why, if any man is found, there will be no satisfaction, no matter what woman is found, there will be no satisfaction. Because a beautiful woman like the inside cannot be found outside.

You have, everyone, a blue print. You have been roaming since birth. That’s why no matter how many beautiful women you find, no matter how many beautiful men you find, in a few days restlessness starts. It seems that things are not working out. That’s why all lovers fail. If you ever meet a woman like the statue that you carry inside, then perhaps you can be satisfied. But you will not find such a woman anywhere. There is no way to meet him. Because whatever woman you will find, she was born of some father and mother and the image of those father and mother is moving in her. You are carrying your image inside your heart. When you suddenly fall in love on seeing someone, then its total meaning is that the shadow of the image within you has been visible in someone, that’s all. That’s why love can happen at first sight too.

If in someone you have seen that thing which is your desire – the meaning of desire, which is the man or woman hidden within you – in someone you have seen the form which you are walking with within, which you are looking for. Love is looking for that twin that has been lost; When you get it, you will be satisfied.

Why took this avatar
Taking the form of Ardhanarishvara, went near him and separated the part of Goddess Shakti in his body. After that Brahmaji worshiped him. Pleased with his devotion, Shakti created another Shakti with similar radiance from the middle of his forehead, which was born in the house of Daksha as his daughter.