Trump and Biden ask for votes in warring states on the last day of the US presidential campaign.

With just one day left until the US primary, President Donald Trump is campaigning for support in four war states today, while Democratic rival Joe Biden is targeting Pennsylvania and Ohio on the last day of campaigning. .

Trump and Biden

Trump will hold rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and two in Michigan.

He won in 2016 in those states against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump will conclude his campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same place he attended a midnight rally on Election Day after the 2016 elections.

Trump claimed he gained momentum and promised an economic revival and imminent delivery of a vaccine to fight the epidemic.
Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are in Pennsylvania, divided to reach the four corners of a state that has become critical to the former vice president’s expectations.

Joe Biden will bring union members and members of the African American community together in the Pittsburgh area.

Biden accused Trump of quitting to fight the epidemic, which killed more than 230,000 Americans and cost millions of jobs.

Former President Barack Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president for eight years, will hold a rally in Atlanta, Georgia to get votes, before closing the campaign for the night with a rally in Miami.

According to the US Election Project, a record of over nine million initial votes cast either in person or by mail, representing approximately 40% of eligible voters.