Trump does not lose, environment has won

Three years ago when Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement, he had not taken an administrative decision. He had actually thrown the whole world into a climate crisis. Its effect was such that frustration, and desperation, took place among those working on climate policy around the world.

But three years later, with the defeat of Donald Trump, all of them are happy to win today. And it is more than the victory of Joe Biden that it is now under the leadership of Biden that the possibility of victory in the global war against climate change has increased.

After Trump’s departure, now the wind of change has started. The Biden-Harris victory signaled a new era of federal climate policy in the US. In fact, from the beginning, Biden made clean energy and climate-friendly infrastructure the core pillar of his economic reform and jobs program and ran a campaign with a $ 2 trillion investment in the region. Biden also reaffirmed his commitment to back the US landmark Paris agreement as soon as the election results were cleared.

By the way, even if Biden does not join the Paris Agreement, he still has many options with the help of which he can prove his commitment to the environment. Biden can not only restore Obama-era environmentally friendly policies if he wants, he can also strengthen them if he wants. Those policies include curbing fossil fuel production and stricter rules for fuel use and consumption.

Talking about foreign policy, the Biden administration will have considerable leeway to include climate considerations in foreign policy. Biden could not only lead a global effort to curb shipping and aviation emissions, he could also make global efforts to stop fossil fuel subsidies and offshore drilling in the Arctic. Biden can also return to the US Health Organization from the World Health Organization and redirect his actions towards climate change. During a debate he also hinted that he could not only talk with Brazil to save the Amazon Forest from fire, he was willing to discuss the issue with the European Union as well.

It is also important to consider appointments to be made in Biden’s team here. It is believed that Biden’s influx will ensure that if the Biden administration appoints a climate champion on the one hand, on the other hand it also distances itself from those with ties to the fossil fuel industry. Treasury, Energy, Interior, and EPA will all be important selections, but Housing and Urban Development, State, Defense, and Labor will all have to play a key role on climate governance. The policies set out by the Fed and in finance industry regulation can particularly affect the private sector, especially because these policies will determine the accountability of banks and fossil fuel companies.

Some believe that Biden may appoint a climate leader or even form a climate council.

Anyway, it is easier to undo the policies than to create new policies, especially when with a less federal workforce, which has also faced frequent criticism during the Trump administration and severely reduced morale, understanding and brain drain. Suffers. It is certain that employees of agencies such as the EPA (EPA) and the Department of Energy will be tasked with writing, implementing and implementing regulations directed by the President or Congress, and other climate-related tasks. An important task for the new administration would be to revive capacity within these agencies to carry out ambitious policies.

Going forward to make new laws, although Republican control over the Senate will make some problems difficult, it is expected to increase efforts to include environmentally friendly policies. Working with Democrats in the House and liberal Republicans in the Senate, the new administration is expected to expand clean energy tax credits, renewable generation, energy storage and carbon capture technologies. Energy efficiency measures in buildings, transport and industry are also likely to be considered.

In her response, Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, advocate for People and Planet and North America director of, says, “Joe Biden’s victory is an opportunity for us to do something better for the environment.” Adrian Salazar, senior campaign strategist for Climate Equity on the same lines, says, “The victories of Joe Biden and Kamala are proof that people have raised their voices, and they have decided that we have overcome Trumpism, the climate. They have come out of the phase of ignoring change, now ready to take out the political system from the clutches of fossil fuel manufacturers. Now we all look forward to a better future. “

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