Trump finally admit the possibility of an upcoming Biden administration

Mr. Trump also appeared for the first time acknowledging the possibility of an upcoming Biden administration. He also said that he expected a coronavirus vaccine to be available to the entire population from April.

President Donald Trump insisted on Friday that he would never put the United States in a coronavirus lockdown, but “time will tell” if another administration takes office in January and does so, the closest it has come to identifying is President-Elect Joe Biden succeeded. .

In his first public comment since Mr. Biden was widely projected as the winner last Saturday, Mr. Trump said he needed a coronavirus virus vaccine available to the entire population starting in April amid an avalanche. have hope. The new infections have brought the daily population count to record levels.

In remarks circulated in the White House’s rose garden, Mr. Trump also appeared for the first time acknowledging the possibility of an upcoming Biden administration, though he did not accept the contest and did not mention his Democratic opponent by name..

Mr. After Georgia went to statehood, Biden on Friday solidified his victory over Mr. Trump, leaving Mr. Trump with legal challenges and hopes of reversing the outcome through storytelling. The last time Mr. Trump spoke in the White House meeting room two days after the election, he said without any evidence that if “legal” votes were counted, he would win the election “easily”.

The Republican president said on Friday that he expected an Emergency Use Authority for Pfizer’s vaccine “very soon.” Pfizer has said that it expects to report the required safety data next week and can then apply for an Emergency Use Authority.

The remarks came after Mr Trump received an update on ‘Operation Taunting Speed’, an effort by the administration to begin development of the vaccine. Criticism of the administration’s response to the virus, which has killed more than 2.35,000 Americans, became a rally cry for Democrats before the election.