Trump lashed out on China, Russia and India in Presidential debate on Air Pollution

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump, in a presidential debate with Joe Biden, lashed out at India’s air pollution. He said look at China, how polluted the air is. Look at Russia, look at India, how polluted the air is. Donald Trump’s statement comes at a time when the Air Quality Index has crossed 400 in Alipur area of ​​Delhi, the capital of India.

Trump claimed that America has the lowest carbon emissions. Trump has also put India and Russia at the forefront on the issue of climate change. Recently Trump alleged that India, China and Russia do not take care of their air quality while the US maintains. Trump reiterated America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, saying it had made it a ‘non-competitive nation’.

Trump said in his address on energy a few months ago that in addition to imposing and banning these punitive sanctions, ‘Washington’s radical-leftist, cynical Democrats’ have given China many jobs, factories, industries and polluting other countries. has made it. He said that we take care of our air pollution, but China does not take care of it. He said that India and Russia also do not pay attention to their air pollution. As long as I am president, we will always put America in the first place.

Air quality index crosses 400 in Delhi
Trump’s statement comes at a time when ‘pollution’ in the capital Delhi is continuously increasing with increasing cold. Since morning, the smog is visible in the capital’s sky. Other areas of Delhi-NCR have the same condition. In the Alipur region of Delhi, the air quality index has crossed 400. The pollution level in Delhi is 360 at 7 am. There is mist in the sky. Pollution levels are in critical condition in Alipur, Shadipur, Jahangirpuri, Vivek Vihar, Wazirpur, Bawana and Mundka. Alipur is the most polluted area of ​​Delhi with 439 air quality index.

Last year, the US formally pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and reported it to the United Nations. The Paris Agreement was a global agreement towards climate change, which was played by Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. The purpose of the Paris Climate Agreement was to reduce global temperatures to 2 ° C with good efforts.(With agency input)

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