Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s masterstroke for winning Karnataka election

Mumbai: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has made many revelations in Rising India. This time he has told the formula of victory in Karnataka elections. Amit Shah has made a suggestive statement that we will win only because of Rahul Gandhi.

Rally is being held where Rahul Gandhi used slur on Modi last name. After all the current events, is Rahul Gandhi doing this to gain sympathy? On this question, Amit Shah said that I do not see any problem in this, every person has freedom.

If Rahul Gandhi wants to start his rally from Karnataka, he should. Who are we to stop? Everyone has freedom. I have no problem. I have no problem with Modi vs Rahul, because I think there can be no greater formula for BJP’s victory.

Congress leaders are trying to spread illusions. If any person was sentenced to 2 years, each person would get 3 months to stay the sentence and conviction. Conviction cannot be stayed, punishment can be stayed. But in the Thomas case, the Supreme Court removed the provision of 3 months. The Manmohan government brought an ordinance to save Lalu. But that ordinance was torn by Rahul Gandhi. Had it been an ordinance, Rahul Gandhi’s MP would have been saved.

Rahul Gandhi still hasn’t challenged this verdict, what arrogance does he have? 17 MPs including Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jayalalitha, Rashid Alvi lost their seats. But no one wore black clothes. It is the decision of the Supreme Court. Should the law be changed for one person of the country? Amit Shah asked this question.

They will neither read nor understand the law. But Congress has big lawyers sitting in Rajya Sabha, that also does not explain anything. Even the Lok Sabha Speaker cannot do anything. Amit Shah said that the moment you were found guilty, your membership went away.

Let them do Modi Vs. Rahul, what would be a bigger winning formula for the BJP? He spoke not only about Modi, but about Modi Samaj i.e. Tele Samaj. Why is the last name of all thieves Modi? He said so. Amit Shah alleged that he insulted the OBC community.