Live Updates:US Election 2020 Close fight between Trump and Biden

Thrilling race as both Trump & Biden are neck & neck

US election LIVE updates: Joe Biden takes Arizona, Hawaii and Minnesota as Donald Trump vows Supreme Court intervention to stop vote counting after wins in Texas, Florida and Ohio

4:35 PM, 4 NOV The Constitution mandates the terms of the President should end on January 20. Under the Presidential Succession, if the Congress is unable to declare a President or Vice President, then the Speaker would serve as the acting president. The current Speaker is Nancy Pelosi.

4:35 PM, 4 NOV Each state delegation in the House gets a single vote and as of now Republicans control 26 of the 50 state delegation, while the Democrats have 22. In the event of a 269-269 tie after the election, a contingent election would take place.

4:35 PM, 4 NOV If the two chambers do not agree then Vice President Mike Pence as senate president can throw out the state’s disputed electoral votes entirely. When neither candidate has secured a majority of votes would trigger a contingent election under the 12 Amendment of the Constitution. This would mean that the House of Representatives will select the President while the Senate would select the Vice President.

4:34 PM, 4 NOV Currently the Republicans hold the Senate, while Democrats control the House of Representatives. The Act says that the electors approved by each state’s executive should prevail. 4:34 PM, 4 NOV Governors normally certify the results in their respective states and share the information with the Congress. However it is unclear whether the Congress should accept the governor’s electoral slate or not count the state’s electoral votes at all.

4:34 PM, 4 NOV A candidate who wins each state’s popular vote earns the state’s electors. This year the electors would meet on December 14 to cast their votes. On January 6, both chambers of Congress would meet on January 6 to count the votes and declare the winner.

4:30 PM, 4 NOV In the 2000, Republican George Bush prevailed over Democrat, Al Gore by just 537 votes after the High Court had halted a recount. Under the Constitution, the candidate who wins the majority of 538 electors known as the Electoral College becomes the President. In 2016, Trump had lost the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton, but secured the electoral votes-304-227.

4:30 PM, 4 NOV A close election would result in litigation over voting and ballot counting procedures in battleground states. Cases that are filed in individual states could reach the Supreme Court eventually.

4:29 PM, 4 NOV Trump’s premature move to claim a victory and also approach the Supreme Court have confirmed the fears of the Democrats that were voiced weeks back.

4:26 PM, 4 NOV According to the latest election result update, Nehls garnered 52 per cent of the votes at 204,537, while Kulkarni got 44 per cent with 175,738 votes in the November 3 election.

4:26 PM, 4 NOV Indian-American former diplomat Srinivas Rao Preston Kulkarni lost the congressional race to his Republican rival Troy Nehls in a hotly contested battle in Texas’ 22nd district, one of the most ethnically and racially diverse in the US.

4:16 PM, 4 NOV Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa congratulated Donald Trump on what he described in a tweet as a clear victory in the U.S presidential election, becoming the first European Union leader to do so.

4:08 PM, 4 NOV Who is leading in these states Alaska – Trump Arizona – Biden Georgia – Trump Maine – Biden Michigan – Trump North Carolina – Trump Nevada – Biden Pennsylvania – Trump Wisconsin – Biden

3:52 PM, 4 NOV The United States formally exits the Paris Agreement, fulfilling a years-long promise by President Donald Trump to withdraw the world’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter from the global pact to fight climate change. But the outcome of the tight US election contest will determine for how long. Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has promised to rejoin the agreement if elected.

3:51 PM, 4 NOV Torres, who identified himself as an Afro-Latino, has served in the City Council since 2013.

3:50 PM, 4 NOV “Tonight, a new era begins for the South Bronx,” Torres said in a statement. “It is the honour of a lifetime to represent a borough filled with essential workers who have risked their lives so that New York City could live.

3:50 PM, 4 NOV Torres, 32, a New York City Council Member, won the election from New York”s 15th Congressional District, defeating Republican Patrick Delices to become the next representative, New York Daily News reported.

3:50 PM, 4 NOV Democrat Party’s Ritchie Torres has made history by becoming the first openly gay Black man elected to the US Congress.

3:45 PM, 4 NOV Due to a surge in mail voting amid the coronavirus pandemic – as well as the states’ varying rules for when ballots can be counted – the final results for all the states may take days.

3:41 PM, 4 NOV United States stock futures jumped early today as Trump led Biden in Florida and other competitive swing states that will help decide the election

2:31 PM, 4 NOV In an impressive show, all the four Indian-American Democratic lawmakers — Dr Ami Bera, Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamoorthi — have been re-elected to the US House of Representatives.

2:19 PM, 4 NOV Facebook has added labels to social media posts by both US presidential candidates explaining that election vote counts were still ongoing.

2:10 PM, 4 NOV By winning Arizona, Joe Biden becomes the second Democratic presidential candidate since 1948 to win the longtime Republican stronghold, Associated Press reports.

1:59 PM, 4 NOV Will make America great again, US Vice President Mike Pence during an address to media.

1:45 PM, 4 NOV Republican Joni Ernst won re-election to her Iowa US Senate seat after an expensive and at times bruising race against Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

1:42 PM, 4 NOV Mehta garnered 37.9 per cent of the votes at 1,071,726, while Booker got 60.6 per cent with 1,714,375 votes in the November 3 election.

1:42 PM, 4 NOV Indian-American Republican candidate Rik Mehta lost his New Jersey Senate election bid to Democratic incumbent Senator Cory Booker.

1:40 PM, 4 NOV When reports last came in, Biden had earned 220 electoral college votes, with Trump following closely with 213 votes. As per Fox News, Biden has 238 of the 538 electoral college seats, while Trump has 213.

1:39 PM, 4 NOV The closely-fought US presidential election appeared to be headed into an uncertain phase with Republican incumbent Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden fighting it out in the key battleground states.

1:39 PM, 4 NOV Republican Yvette Herrell wins election to U.S. House in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, beating incumbent Rep. Xochitl Torres Small.

1:33 PM, 4 NOV Nearly 69 percent of Muslim voters cast their ballot for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden while 17 percent supported President Donald Trump, according to a survey conducted by Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization in the US.

1:22 PM, 4 NOV Focus now on Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania seats, that could prove crucial in determining who wins the White House.

1:09 PM, 4 NOV This is a fraud on the American public. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election…We want the law to be used in a proper manner. We’ll be going to US Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop: Donald Trump

1:09 PM, 4 NOV Trump says he will be going to the Supreme Court

1:08 PM, 4 NOV “Most importantly we’re winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount of votes,” the president said at the White House.

1:06 PM, 4 NOV We didn’t just win Florida, we won it by a lot: US President

1:05 PM, 4 NOV We won big, claims Trump

12:59 PM, 4 NOV Republicans hold onto Senate seat of Montana.

12:24 PM, 4 NOV “Stop. Full stop. The votes will be counted and you will either win or lose. And America will accept that. Patience is a virtue, Republican Congressman on Trump’s tweet.

12:20 PM, 4 NOV Trump wins 4 of 5 Nebraska votes; Biden gets 1

12:19 PM, 4 NOV Donald Trump will speak from the White House at around 12.30 pm.

12:12 PM, 4 NOV Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger who easily won reelection criticized Donald Trump after the president baselessly accused Democrats of trying to “steal” the election.

12:07 PM, 4 NOV
219 Joe Biden, 211 Donald Trump: latest leads show nail-biter in US elections.

11:52 AM, 4 NOV
Twitter flags Donald Trump’s tweet on trying to steal the elections.

11:49 AM, 4 NOV
US President Donald Trump wins Florida and Iowa.

11:46 AM, 4 NOV President Donald Trump has won Texas and its 38 electoral votes.

11:45 AM, 4 NOV Joe Biden has won at least one of Maine’s four electoral votes in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump.

11:43 AM, 4 NOV I will be making a statement tonight.

A big WIN! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 4, 2020 Donald Trump said he would be making a statement tonight. “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the polls are closed!” tweeted Trump.

11:38 AM, 4 NOV President Donald Trump has won Florida and its 29 electoral votes

11:29 AM, 4 NOV We are up big, but they are trying to steal the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed, says Trump.

11:29 AM, 4 NOV Donald Trump tweets, he will be making a statement US Elections 2020.

11:23 AM, 4 NOV “Good evening. Your patience is commendable.” he says, adding: “We feel good about where we are,” to the sound of blaring car horns from his audience of supports. He was on stage with his wife Jill on stage.

11:23 AM, 4 NOV He said that it is not his job to declare the election. We have done great and all of you keep the faith because we are going to win, Biden also said.

11:22 AM, 4 NOV The results are continuing to trickle in and the fight is still close. Biden in a short address at Wilmington, Delaware said that he is confident of victory. He also said that the voter turn out has been good and his team has done a great job in the election campaign.

11:21 AM, 4 NOV Keep the faith, we are going to win this said Democrat challenger, Joe Biden.

11:19 AM, 4 NOV Optimistic of the outcome: Biden in address to supporters

11:15 AM, 4 NOV Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden to deliver address shortly.

11:14 AM, 4 NOV Trump gets 210 EVs, Biden on 237.

11:12 AM, 4 NOV Joe Biden bagged Minnesota and its 10 electoral votes, retaining the state which was narrowly won by Trump’s 2016 challenger Hillary Clinton.

11:06 AM, 4 NOV Donald Trump will give a speech later on. He is hosting a watch party at the White House.

11:05 AM, 4 NOV Democratic challenger, Joe Biden is expected to give a speech from the Chase Centre iii Wilmington, Delaware. He is unlikely to declare victory or concede defeat.

11:01 AM, 4 NOV Hillary Clinton, who was defeated by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, reposted some of her own tweets, with messages she originally shared after her loss to the Republican leader four years ago.

10:46 AM, 4 NOV President Donald Trump prevailed in the hotly contested Rust Belt state of Ohio – which is key to his efforts to win reelection over Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

10:40 AM, 4 NOV For a brief and unexpected moment, there was harmony. Melody, too. A group of Donald Trump supporters and backers of Joe Biden started shouting at each other through bullhorns Tuesday night near a voting precinct in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and as tensions escalated, police were called in to keep the two sides separated.

10:36 AM, 4 NOV Tamil Nadu: Residents of Thulasendrapuram, the native place of Kamala Harris, running mate of US Pres candidate Joe Biden, hope for her victory. “She’s a big inspiration. The younger generation understands the significance of her win in the world’s biggest economy,” says a native.

10:34 AM, 4 NOV Trump gets 204 EVs, Biden struck on 223.

10:29 AM, 4 NOV President Trump is leading in key battlegrounds, has a 1 point lead in North Carolina and a 3 point lead in Florida. If Trump wins these states, the Biden will need to secure votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

10:28 AM, 4 NOV Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been re-elected to a second term in the US House of Representatives.

10:20 AM, 4 NOV Voters were especially likely to call the public health crisis the nation’s most important issue, with the economy following close behind.

10:20 AM, 4 NOV Voters were especially likely to call the public health crisis the nation’s most important issue, with the economy following close behind.

10:16 AM, 4 NOV With the coronavirus now surging anew, voters ranked the pandemic and the economy as top concerns in the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden, according to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate.

10:14 AM, 4 NOV Indian-American House representative, Ami Bera has been representing California’s 7th congressional district since 2013.

10:12 AM, 4 NOV Several hundred people have gathered in Black Lives Matter Plaza, just one block from the White House, holding signs and chanting about democracy.

10:09 AM, 4 NOV California which carries the max electoral vote of 55 among all States has overwhelmingly voted for democrats again. The 70% votes goes to Biden and only 28% to Trump.

Trump wins safe Republican seats across nation as Biden takes New Jersey, Vermont, Virginia and Rhode Island

9:51 AM, 4 NOV With those four states in, the electoral college count stands at 209 votes for Biden and 116 votes for Trump.

9:49 AM, 4 NOV Joe Biden has won California, Oregon and Washington state, while Donald Trump has won Idaho, projected the Associated Press.

9:37 AM, 4 NOV Biden wins Washington, Oregon, California and Illinois.

9:37 AM, 4 NOV With 92% of the vote in, Cooper is leading by about 5 points, while Biden is trailing by 1 point and Cunningham is trailing by 1.4 points.

9:36 AM, 4 NOV Cooper is running ahead of Joe Biden and Senate candidate Cal Cunningham in North Carolina.

9:35 AM, 4 NOV Democrat Roy Cooper has won another term as the governor of North Carolina, the Associated Press just announced.

9:35 AM, 4 NOV Trump wins Wyoming, Missouri, Mississippi

9:28 AM, 4 NOV Indian-origin Democratic congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi has been re-elected to the US House of Representatives for the third consecutive term.

9:28 AM, 4 NOV She won in a heavily Democratic district stretching from northern Wilmington to the Pennsylvania border, and joins several other transgender legislators around the country but will be the first transgender state senator.

9:28 AM, 4 NOV McBride defeated Republican Steve Washington to win the seat that became open following the retirement of the longest-serving legislator in Delaware history.

9:21 AM, 4 NOV Democrat Sarah McBride has won a state Senate race in Delaware, and would become the first openly transgender state senator in the country when sworn in.

9:12 AM, 4 NOV US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins New Mexico and New Hampshire, in addition to New York, Massachusets, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Colorado.

9:09 AM, 4 NOV The US President has also won South Carolina and Alabama, in addition to South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Indiana.

9:08 AM, 4 NOV US President Donald Trump wins Utah, Nebraska, Lousiana.

9:07 AM, 4 NOV I expect Biden to get through. Florida’s important because if Trump loses it he’ll have to say goodbye. But it won’t matter to Biden as he can win from other states: G Balachandran, ex-Director, Institute of Defence Studies&Analyses & uncle of Kamala Harris, on US Election 2020

9:01 AM, 4 NOV Close fight in Florida and Texas

8:48 AM, 4 NOV Donald Trump wins in Kansas.

8:15 AM, 4 NOV TEXAS – 38 electoral votes
Donald Trump: 49.4% – 4,162,428
Joe Biden: 49.3% – 4,149,555
Reporting: 64%

8:15 AM, 4 NOV Trump is projected to win South Carolina’s nine electoral college votes.

8:10 AM, 4 NOV Joe Biden has won District of Columbia. Biden is now leading with 122 electoral college seats.

8:03 AM, 4 NOV The Washington Post says that Trump has gained ground among the North Carolina conservatives, while losing moderates and independents.

7:59 AM, 4 NOV Biden leads with 119 seats, Trump in 92. Biden has won New York and New Mexico. Donald Trump has won Arkansas.

7:54 AM, 4 NOV Connecticut projected in favour of Joe Biden. The state was won by Hillary Clinton, a democrat in 2016.

7:54 AM, 4 NOV Donald Trump wins South Dakota. In 2016 this state was won by Trump.

7:44 AM, 4 NOV Donald Trump is ahead in the state of Florida. This is a key state and could be a decider.

7:42 AM, 4 NOV Joe Biden wins New Jersey. In 2016 New Jersey was won by Hillary Clinton.