Vande-Bharat Express train: Madhya Pradesh got its first Vande-Bharat Express train

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Madhya Pradesh has got its first semi-high-speed Vande-Bharat Express train. It will run between Indore and Dungarpur station of Rajasthan. Railway officials have released the schedule. However, the date of its operation has not been announced yet.

MP Shankar Lalwani said that he has discussed with the Ministry of Railways about the logistics of starting its operations.

He, however, added that efforts were being made to inaugurate the services during the high-octane Pravasi Bharatiya Divas convention and it would be icing on the cake if the Prime Minister agrees to inaugurate the services. PM is going to come to Indore for PBD conference on 9th January.

Initially, the operation was planned during the week of November 2022 and later in January 2023, however, MP Lalwani during the PBD convention insisted on starting the services on January 9.

Vande Bharat Express, formerly known as Train 18, is a semi-high-speed, electric multiple unit train operated by the Indian Railways.

The first train was built in 18 months at a cost of Rs 97 crore. The service was renamed as “Vande Bharat Express” on 27 January 2019. The train was launched on February 15, 2019.

Route and Timing

The train will leave the city at 5.50 am and reach Ujjain at 7.20 am; Nagda at 8.30 am; Sawai Madhopur at 12.45 pm; And will reach Durgapur station at 2.40 pm.

In the return journey, the train will depart Durgapur at 3.10 pm and reach Sawai Madhopur at 4.45 pm; Nagda will reach the city at 9.25 pm, Ujjain at 10.35 pm and finally at 12.15 pm.