Why the knots of Durva are offered to Lord Ganesha, know the secret

In the scriptures, there is a law to worship the first revered Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. Although Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any worship, but on Wednesday, the devotees of Gajanand worship him with full rituals. There is definitely Durva in the worship of Ganesh ji, because Durva is very dear to him. Durva is also called Doob.

This is a type of grass, which is used only in Ganesh worship. After all, why is Durva so dear to Shri Ganesha? What is the story behind this? Why only 21 bales of this are offered to Shri Ganesh? Know its secret.

It is believed that by offering 21 bales of Durva to Lord Ganesha, every wish is fulfilled. There is a legend behind it. In ancient times, there was a demon named Analasura, whose wrath caused havoc in heaven and on earth. Analasura was such a demon, who used to swallow alive the sages and ordinary people. Frustrated by the atrocities of this demon, all the gods and goddesses, including Indra, went to pray to Lord Mahadev and all prayed to Mahadev to put an end to the terror of Analasura.

Hearing the prayers of all the deities and sages, Mahadev told them that only Shri Ganesha can destroy the demon Analasura. Then on the request of everyone, Shri Ganesh swallowed Analasura, then there was a lot of burning in his stomach.

Even after taking various measures to deal with this problem, when the burning sensation of Ganesha’s stomach did not subside, then Kashyap Rishi made 21 knots of Durva and gave them to Shri Ganesha to eat. Shri Ganeshji accepted this Durva, then after going somewhere the burning sensation of his stomach subsided. It is believed that the tradition of offering Durva to Shri Ganesha started since then.

legend of durva

In the Sanatan tradition, the use of durva or rather dub has been going on for centuries, from worship to ritualistic works. The word Durva is derived from the combination of ‘duhu’ and ‘avam’. Durva consists of three parts, which are considered to be symbols of Ganapati, Shakti and Shiva.

It is believed that after the churning of the ocean, when the gods were carrying nectar from the demons, a few drops of it fell on Durva. Due to which it became holy and immortal and never perishes. Durva found on earth is like nectar giving fruit. Durva is known as Amrita, Ananta, Mahaaushadhi. The benevolent Durva is not only dear to the gods, but it is also very dear to humans and animals.