Women should not touch Shanidev’s idol even by mistake

Many types of questions keep arising in the minds of people regarding the worship of Shanidev. One of these questions is whether women should worship Shani Dev or not? Let us know what the scriptures say about it.

Caution is necessary in worship
Worship of Shani Dev should be done very carefully, because even a mistake made in it can put life in danger. Especially such people who do bad or immoral things, they always remain in the eyes of Shani. That’s why he is called the god of justice.

As far as the worship of Shani Dev by women is concerned, then they can worship Shani to avoid the bad position of Shani in the horoscope. One can take measures to get rid of Shani’s evil vision, but he should not touch the idol of Shani Dev even by mistake. Otherwise they may have to face a lot of trouble in their life.

Why should not touch the idol
Women should not touch the idol of Shani Dev or his rock form. According to religious scriptures, by doing this, the negative energy of Shani has an effect on women. Apart from this, it has been said in the Puranas that the negativity of Shani Dev has more effect on women, so they should avoid touching the idol of Shani or pouring oil on it.

Instead, they should place an oil lamp in Shani temple under Shani’s rock or Peepal tree. Apart from this, they can also get the blessings of Shani Dev by donating things related to Shani.

Those people who are suffering from serious diseases like cancer, AIDS, leprosy, kidney, paralysis, sciatica, heart disease, diabetes and skin diseases, they will get great relief by taking remedies related to Shani.