World War Orphans Day: Heartwarming quotes about the indirect victims of global wars

World War Orphans Day is observed every year on 6 January. The day holds great significance as it aims to raise awareness about the plight of a vulnerable group. And to contribute to the bright future of the children who were orphaned during the World War.

To bring them out of mental agony. The day enables global communities to recognize the plight of a particularly vulnerable group.

World War Orphans Day was first started by the French organization SOS Enfants en Deters. World War Orphans Day reminds the world that caring for children in traumatic situations is a priority, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Heartfelt quotes about indirect victims of global wars to spread awareness among your friends, relatives and loved ones. You can use these top 10 heart touching quotes to make more and more people aware through various social media platforms.

Heart Wrenching Quotes

When you’re a kid people think you’re an orphan and don’t assume that older people can feel like they’re an orphan.

It is not a good honor to insult an orphan, because once their family was like yours.

How many sad faces are always seen for the orphans! It is more dangerous to ignore the heart than the head.

What do you find for the orphans who are always sad in the ashrams! It is more dangerous to ignore the heart than the head.