Yamraj’s orders to his messengers – stay away from those who worship Suryadev

According to the Bhavishya Purana, once Brahma ji tells Vasudev ji the importance of sun worship and says that the person who regularly worships the sun god, Yamraj’s grace remains on him. Brahma ji told that Yamraj has ordered his messengers that Yama’s messengers should not go near the person who regularly offers milk and ghee to the Sun God.

Yamraj told the eunuchs that Suryadev is his father and whoever worships Suryadev is in the shelter of his father. Therefore, the eunuchs should stay away from such persons. Even if by mistake they go near such a person, their power will be exhausted and they will become unconscious.

It has been told in the Bhavishya Purana that the eunuchs are not allowed to go near the person who regularly worships the Sun God by offering fruits, flowers, incense and clothes. Three generations of the person who cleans the Sun Temple are saved from the influence of the eunuchs.

At the same time, many generations of those who build the temple of the Sun God are saved from the influence of the eunuchs and going to Yamlok. Such persons get a place in the Surya Lok. If you are not able to do all this, then whenever you get a chance, meditate on the mantras of the Sun God, even then there is no fear of the eunuch.

According to a legend, once disobeying Yamraj’s orders, the eunuchs reached the Sun devotee Satrajit. But due to the influence of Sun God, the eunuch fell unconscious.

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