Your money will double in a few days, put this thing in place of water in money plant

Your money will double in a few days, put this thing in place of water in money plant

You must have often heard people saying that the longer the vine of the money plant is in the house, the more money will be gained. But it has been seen many times that people are not able to take proper care of the money plant.

Due to which the vine of money plant starts drying up in a few days. Due to which you are not able to get its proper benefit. On the other hand, money plant is considered a symbol of wealth in Vastu.

Because of which every person definitely plants a plant of money plant in the courtyard of his house. Money plant plant is more economical and less hassle plant than other plants, which you can easily plant at home,

However, if it is not planted according to Vastu, then the plant of money plant also gives inauspicious results. Not only this, if the plant of money plant withers, then it causes loss of money to you.

In such a situation, in this article of ours today, we are going to tell you a solution related to money plant, by doing which you will start getting money.

Do this special remedy related to money plant on this day
Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday morning after taking bath etc. During this, light a lamp of ghee in his worship. Then place a red colored ribbon in front of Mata Lakshmi, apply tika on it with kumkum.

After that offer raw milk to the money plant and then tie that red colored ribbon to the money plant. After this, wish for wealth from Goddess Lakshmi. Surely you will be benefited.

Apart from this, keep in mind never to bring money plant from the market at home, and never let it dry up. Money plant vine should never spread on the ground, it should always be planted growing upwards.