260 bodies recovered from Supernova Music Festival near Gaza, death toll crosses 1,100

The war between Gaza’s Hamas fighters and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel entered its third day. The death toll from both sides rose to more than 1,100 as Israel responded to Hamas’s deadliest attack on Israel through air-air-land attacks.

As Israeli volunteers went to search for bodies and injured people after the terrorist attack, a shocking discovery was made in which at least 260 bodies were recovered from a site in Israel where a concert was going on.

Thousands of people attended an all-night nature concert near the Gaza Strip, which was attacked by Palestine-based Hamas militants on Saturday. Israeli rescue service Zaka said it had recovered hundreds of bodies from the Supernova festival near Kibbutz Reim, close to Gaza.

Israel on Monday battled Hamas fighters still holed up in southern cities and massed thousands of troops near the Gaza Strip after vowing to defeat the Palestinian militant group, whose surprise attack the shocked nation compared to 9/11. Is of.

“We are still fighting,” military spokesman Richard Hecht said, as troops battled Hamas fighters for a third day in at least seven locations in southern communities near the coastal region, AFP reported.

“We thought we would have full control by tomorrow,” he said, as Israeli army reserves joined the battle to clear and evacuate southern towns and kibbutz communities. “I hope we do that by the end of the day.”

A creepy message from a 23-year-old concert attendee has shocked the world, according to local media reports. An American-Israeli man is missing after a Hamas attack on a concert in Israel.

Harsh Golberg-Polin was attending a concert to celebrate his birthday and has not been heard from since Saturday morning. Her father told The Jerusalem Post that she texted her parents “I love you” and “I’m sorry” before going out of touch.

“We just want him home and safe,” his father, Jonathan Pollin, told the outlet, adding that if he could tell his son anything, it would be, “We love you. Come home to us.”

Sirens blared, rockets and anti-missile ammunition echoed in the sky amid the roar of fighter planes and plumes of black smoke rose over Gaza, sparking Israeli anger. Gaza, which survived the Israeli blockade, now faces the wrath of PM Netanyahu, a result of the intifada that began as resistance to apartheid but is now drawing retaliation from both sides.

Palestinians in the crowded coastal region of 2.3 million people had feared a massive Israeli ground offensive aimed at defeating Hamas and freeing at least 100 hostages.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Gaza citizens to move away from all Hamas sites, which he has vowed to turn “into rubble.”

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