The Congress has also welcomed the arrest of Manish Sisodia by the CBI

New Delhi: Even though both the Congress and the AAP have been vocal in the past about the alleged misuse of investigative agencies by the BJP, the differences between the two parties again came to the fore on Sunday.

Congress signatories were conspicuous by their absence in a letter written by nine opposition leaders to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging misuse of central agencies.

The Congress has also welcomed the arrest of Manish Sisodia by the CBI in the Excise Policy matter and has launched a door-to-door campaign to expose AAP. Congress functionaries in Delhi have backed the party’s decision to stay away from the joint letter, saying there cannot be a one-size-fits-all rule.

Senior Congress functionary Alka Lamba said, “The Congress believes that in 95 per cent cases the BJP misuses agencies, raids are conducted to harass politicians and cases are not taken to their logical conclusion.” She said: “Five per cent of these cases are actually true and this (Sisodia’s case) is one of those 5% cases,” she said. “This is not today’s stand of the party, but has always been on the issue of liquor policy. Otherwise why would the policy be repealed?” “Just because we don’t want to be seen with the BJP, doesn’t mean we will support corruption,” he said.

However, the AAP claimed that the Congress’ stand was another case of “shadow boxing”. AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said, “The Congress has never been with the opposition. During the budget session, when the entire opposition wanted to corner the government on the Adani issue, the Congress gave a safe passage to the Centre.”

He alleged, “BJP says it will put Rahul Gandhi in jail and Robert Vadra is involved in corruption. But it did nothing against them. It is just a war of words to fool the country. It is enmity of convenience.” ” When the CM’s residence was raided in 2016, the Congress was cheering it. Bhardwaj said that the Congress wants the entire opposition to end so that only the Congress and the BJP remain.

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said it is for the Congress to answer why it is not part of the letter.

In the past, the Congress has alleged misuse of central agencies, including the questioning of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul by the ED in the National Herald case last year.

Congress Vice President Abhishek Dutt said, ‘When Congress leaders were questioned by the ED, they (AAP) did not say a word. Today, when the agencies have reached his door, he also talked about the unity of the opposition in the matter of corruption. “We are doing.” Because he followed the BJP’s line during this period.

He said, “Where were you (AAP) when the Northeast riots happened, the Shaheen Bagh movement happened or when bulldozers were running in Jahangirpuri?” He asked.

Dutt claimed that TMC and AAP fought together in Goa and ensured BJP’s victory.