Abhishek Banerjee threaten to put Shubhendu Adhikari in jail

Trinamool Congress (TMC) national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Thursday promised that whenever the BJP is voted out of power, it would use the same government agencies that were allegedly being misused by the Narendra Modi administration to Opposition leader Suvendu can be imprisoned.

The Diamond Harbor MP made the threat as he spoke to a crowd before starting his 20-km journey to Nandigram in East Midnapore’s Chandipore, the longest so far in his ongoing public relations programme. According to Abhishek, “Within a month, the day the BJP loses power, I will put him in jail. The CBI and the ED (Enforcement Directorate), who are currently working on the instructions of the BJP, will make arrests then.”

“He (the officer) will be imprisoned within a month if the judiciary does not act impartially”, Abhishek continued, “and no one will be able to intervene.” Adhikari’s neighborhood is Nandigram, and before taking a break for the evening, Abhishek held a protest there as well.

It took nearly seven hours for Abhishek to reach Nandigram despite thousands of people following him and surveillance by others along the way. The parade (#JonoSanjogYatra) had started around 2:00 pm. The Trinamool leader challenged the officer to undertake such a walk, saying: “Despite the scorching heat, I walked. But I doubt whether the traitor (officer) would be able to do it.”

It was a well-thought-out plan by the Trinamool, which had just defeated Mamata Banerjee in the 2021 assembly polls, to showcase its might by entering Nandigram with a large contingent of supporters behind the officer. The margin of victory for Adhikari was just 1,956 votes. Before the panchayat elections, TMC is trying to rebuild its base in Nandigram. The Chief Minister’s nephew Abhishek targeted the BJP on Twitter yesterday.

“I am sure people across India have realized the damage that @BJP4India has done in the socio-political arena. At the end of this year, we have 5 state elections. I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt That BJP will lose in all 5 states.” The end of BJP’s misrule has begun!”, tweeted Abhishek. The Diamond Harbor MP further added, “The growing support of the people assures me that the Trinamool Congress is poised to do well in the upcoming panchayat elections and beyond.” Is.”

Before Abhishek’s visit (#JonoSanjogYatra), there were reports of clashes between Trinamool and BJP supporters at several places in the district. According to the Trinamool, banners carrying Abhishek’s pictures were allegedly torn.