CVoter Opinion Poll: Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi, know who is considered best to become PM

ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll: To know the mood of the country before the Lok Sabha elections 2024, ABP News in collaboration with CVoters conducted an opinion poll.

When asked about their choice of Prime Ministerial candidate, about 58 percent voters said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most suitable candidate. 16% people consider Rahul Gandhi as the most suitable candidate for the post of Prime Minister of India.

When given a chance to directly choose the Prime Minister of India between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, more than 28% of voters chose Rahul Gandhi, while 62.4% chose Narendra Modi.

About 2.4% of the people who participated in the survey said that Arvind Kejriwal is the most suitable candidate, while 1.6% of the voters said that Mamata Banerjee is best suited to become the next PM.
1.5% of voters said that Akhilesh Yadav is best suited to become the next PM. 11.1% of voters said “other,” while 8.2% said “can’t say.”

23.6% of the voters said that they feel that the country is moving forward and 47.5% of the voters said that as the country is moving forward, their life is also moving forward. 4.3% voters said that their lives are improving but the condition of the country is bad.

21.8% of voters said that their lives as well as the country are in a “bad condition”.

11.1% voters said that they are most angry with the Prime Minister. Whereas 11.8% said that they want the Chief Minister of their state to be changed immediately.

31.9% voters said that unemployment is the biggest problem the country is facing at the moment. 23.1% said that inflation/household income/economic crisis is the most important problem facing India today.

The survey was conducted between April 1 and 9 where 2,600 people participated in the survey. The margin of error in the survey is between ±3 to ±5.