‘Aerosols Can Travel 10 Metres, Placement of Fans Crucial’: Govt Brings New guidelines

Read in hindi: ‘एरोसोल 10 मीटर की यात्रा कर सकते हैं, पंखे की जगह अहम्, सरकार के नए कोविड विस्तृत दिशानिर्देश

Adequate ventilation can play a key role in stopping the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, the Union government’s principal scientific adviser K Vijay Raghavan’s office said as it issued guidelines to fight the pandemic.

VijayRaghavan recently tweeted that whether vaccinated or not, one must not forget the three principles of crushing the pandemic — masks, physical distancing and ventilation. The detailed guideline further explains his advice.

“Just as smells can be diluted by ventilation, the dangerous concentration of the virus can be reduced by ensuring that outdoor air flows in,” the guideline said. The office of principal scientific adviser also stated a crucial point that larger size of saliva and nasal discharge in the form of droplets fall to the ground and on surfaces, and smaller aerosol particles are carried in the air up to 10 metres.

Know more about the methods of coronavirus prevention:
• The guidelines further stated that the placement of the fan is also crucial as the fan should not be at a place where it can cause contaminated air to flow directly to someone else.

• If the windows and doors of a room are shut, the exhaust fans should keep running. “Add an exhaust fan OR turn a pedestal fan into an exhaust fan by turning it to face outdoors, to create the ideal airflow for maximum protection from indoor infection,” the guideline said.

• Further talking about workplaces, the rules suggest keeping windows and doors wide open with the air-conditioners running so that clean air can enter and dilute virus particles. For maximum air circulation, the addition of an exhaust fan has also been suggested.

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