After COVID-19, our planet will not be the same: PM Narendra Modi

Now we have a better understanding of the strategy-strengthening epidemic

Highlighting the progress made by India in its fight against COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Wednesday that the country now “has a better understanding of the epidemic, which strengthens our strategy to fight”.

Speaking at a virtual Vesak event on Buddha Purnima, Modi said, “We have the vaccine, which is important to save lives and defeat the pandemic. India is proud of our scientists who worked on COVID-19 vaccines is.”

Explaining the impact of COVID-19, Modi said, “COVID-19 is the worst crisis of humanity in decades, we have not seen such an epidemic in a century. Our planet is not the same after COVID-19. We will remember that future events either before or after COVID. “

Modi quoted ANI as saying, “In the past year, we have seen many individuals and organizations rise to the occasion and have done everything possible to alleviate the suffering. The tools made by Buddhist organizations, followers of Buddhism and Liberal contribution of materials. Worldwide … “

Modi also said about the impact of climate change, “Weather patterns are changing, glaciers are melting, rivers and forests are in danger. We cannot let our planet get injured. Lord Buddha has lived and lived in nature and nature. “India is one of the few big economies that is on track to meet the goals of Paris.”

India reported 2,08,921 COVID-19 infections, bringing the total number of cases to 2,71,57,795 as the country conducted 22,17,320 coronavirus trials, the highest in a single day. The number of deaths also increased to 3,11,388 with 4,157 deaths in a 24-hour period.

PM Modi said that after COVID-19, the planet will not be the same as before and said that future events will be remembered as either the former or the latter. Giving a keynote speech on the occasion of ‘Virtual Vesak Global Celebration’ on Buddha Purnima, he said that the world has not seen such an epidemic in a century.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the coronovirus epidemic is humanity’s worst crisis in decades and has not seen such a crisis in a century as more than 27 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported in India so far.