Air India to operate three flights to Ukraine to bring Indians home amid fears of Russian attack

Air India, the Tata group-run airline company, has announced that it will operate three flights between India and Ukraine later this month.

Air India said that it is operating three flights between India and Ukraine (Borispil International Airport) on February 22, 24 and 26 and has asked passengers to book seats.

The airline company also stated that seats were available on these flights and bookings could be made through Air India’s booking offices, website, call centers and authorized travel agents.

The development comes a day after the Indian government lifted restrictions on the number of flights to/from Ukraine under the air bubble arrangement.

Fear of Russian attack on Ukraine

The former Soviet state has become on alert for fear of invasion from neighboring Russia, which has gathered troops, tanks and attack helicopters along its border.

However, Russia said on Friday it was withdrawing more tanks and other armored vehicles from areas near Ukraine’s border, as its “scheduled exercise” raised concerns in the West.

On Wednesday, the Indian embassy in Ukraine asked its citizens not to panic over reports of people not getting flight tickets.

The embassy said, “The Embassy of India is receiving several appeals regarding non-availability of flights from Ukraine to India. In this regard, students are advised not to panic but to travel to India at the earliest. Book available and convenient flights.” It tweeted and said that more flights are being planned in the near future”, including Air India and Ukrainian International Airlines. However, it did not give further details on the number of flights and then dates.

Earlier, the embassy had advised Indian citizens, especially students, to leave the country temporarily in view of the uncertainties of the current situation.