Akash-NG missile test: Successful test of surface-to-air Akash-NG missile

New Delhi: The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) successfully launched the Akash-NG (new generation) missile from the Integrated Test Range off the coast of Odisha on 25 January 2021. Akash-NG is a new generation surface-to-air missile aimed at preventing low RCS airborne threats from high altitude for use by the Indian Air Force.

The missile hit the target with textbook accuracy. The missile fulfilled all test objectives by demonstrating high-level capability during the trajectory. Performance of the command and control system, onboard avionics, and the aerodynamic configuration of the missile was successfully verified during the test. During the test launch, the entire flight path of the missile was monitored and flight data were acquired by various range devices such as radar, EOTO, and telemetry systems deployed by ITR, Chandipur. Integrated with the system, the multi-function radar was tested for its capability.

The Akash-NG system has been developed with better deployment than other similar systems with canned launchers and very small ground system footprints. The test was carried out by a joint team of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), BDL, and BEL in the presence of representatives of the Indian Air Force.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the scientists of DRDO, BEL, and the Indian Air Force team for this achievement. Secretary DD R&D and DRDO President Dr. G Satish Reddy congratulated the team for the successful flight test of the Akash NG missile.