‘Alapan Bandyopadhyay’s conduct serious dent to IAS’

Read in Hindi: ‘अलपन बंद्योपाध्याय के आचरण से आईएएस को गंभीर सेंध’

New Delhi: Sources in the central government claimed that the conduct of former West Bengal chief secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay on May 28 has led to the so-called ‘steel frame of India’ of the IAS, a model framed by first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Referring to Sardar Patel’s address to the first batch of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers at Metcalfe House in the national capital, a government source said, “He (Sardar Patel) called him the ‘Steel Frame of India’.”

“He invented this phrase not only to inspire young officers, but there were many meanings behind it – India was a multicultural nation where the rulers of these states would have their own interests and egos, sometimes inflated.

“In the Indian federal structure, the IAS will be appointed and their cadre will be the controlling authority even though their services will be given to the states. On issues related to governance and coordination, these officers act as a bridge between the Center and the states. On issues.

“The service was constructed in such a way that he is expected to take a more rational and prudent approach on a given subject in the best interest of the state and the nation. Bandyopadhyay, a 1987 batch IAS officer in his position, asked sources What was expected of the Chief Secretary of State – Was his conduct and behavior appropriate for his position?

“As the most senior civil servant of the state, how should he behave? Did he take a rational and prudent approach and decision on the spot or was it completely left to the will of the Chief Minister to decide his behavior after retirement. Be handsomely rewarded,” he said.

Government sources said these questions are important as a chief secretary cannot act as the chief minister’s personal staff.

Government sources said that after the cyclonic storm ‘Yes’ made landfall, the Prime Minister held a meeting with central ministries and agencies on May 27 to assess the damage done and to facilitate early recovery measures to the states.

“Further, the Prime Minister’s visit to West Bengal was scheduled for May 28 for an assessment at the ground level. The Chief Secretary was duly informed and the Prime Minister held a review meeting on Sunday at the Air Force Station at Kalaikunda in West Midnapore district. presided over the same day,” the sources said.

According to government sources, Bandyopadhyay, as chief secretary to the West Bengal government, was to brief the prime minister and follow-up.

“But when the PM reached the briefing room, Bandyopadhyay was not there. He came inside the meeting room after being contacted by an official of the Prime Minister’s delegation, but is said to have gone within two minutes without attending the review meeting. went.” “The sources said.