Amit Shah said on Kharge’s ‘poisonous snake’ statement, ‘Congress’s brain is bad’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday (April 28) said that the Congress and its leaders have lost their mind and targeted Congress President M Mallikarjun Kharge over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘poisonous snake’ remark.

Noting that PM Modi is greeted with great respect across the world, he said the Congress cannot instigate people with such statements, as the support for the PM will increase as much as they abuse him.

“Congress lacks issues, in the last nine years Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made India proud in the world, he has worked to make India prosperous, he has made India’s infrastructure strong, he has made India’s borders Made it safe. Wherever Modi ji goes, people across the world welcome him with slogans of ‘Modi-Modi’.”

Addressing a public meeting at Nawalgund in Dharwad district, he said, “Congress president Kharge says that our leader Modi, who is respected and welcomed by the whole world, is like a poisonous snake. I want to ask you, are you Congress leader?” Can form a party, which has compared Modi, who won the election, to a poisonous snake?”

“The same Congress gives the slogan ‘Modi teri khabar khudegi’, Sonia Gandhi says ‘maut ka saudagar’, Priyanka Gandhi says ‘neechi jaati ke log’ (low caste people), and he (Kharge) ‘Vishela Samp’ Venomous snake), Congress people, you have lost your mind. No matter how much you abuse Modi, the lotus will bloom,” Shah said.

Addressing an election rally in Karnataka, Kharge on Thursday compared Modi to a poisonous snake. As the controversy began, he later sought to clarify that his remarks were not directed at the Prime Minister but the ruling BJP.

Shah said that among the Prime Ministers of India, Modi is the only one who was born in a poor family as the son of a tea seller. Today he is working for the welfare of crores of poor after assuming the high position. He said, “The Congress always talks about removing poverty, but has done nothing for the poor.”