Anti-BJP opposition alliance possible without Congress in 2024 Lok Sabha elections: Prashant Kishor

Electoral strategist Prashant Kishor has claimed that an anti-BJP opposition alliance is possible without the Congress. Kishor made the remarks while giving a glimpse of his election strategy for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The election strategist took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and said that Congress cannot defeat BJP with candle marches and tweets.

He also said that if Congress leaders want to save the party, they should elect the president democratically. “I am saying that it (Congress President) be decided democratically, instead of someone saying that XYZ will be the president…. Many people think that the collapse of the Congress party is a recent phenomenon. Not really. Last time When Congress won the country in 1984. After 1984, Congress (alone) has not won a single general election in the country.”

Kishor said that he has been in talks with the Congress leadership for the last two years and claimed that the leaders who briefed the media were not even aware of the facts. “The fact is that I was in talks with the Congress. I almost joined the Congress. There was not that much disagreement,” Kishor said.

Prashant Kishor also presented his blueprint for the opposition to take on the BJP in the 2024 general elections. He reiterated that the Congress party has lost 90 per cent of the elections in the last ten years. He said the Congress leadership should take responsibility for the defeat.

Kishor also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that contrary to perception, he listens to everyone and this is his strength. Kishor said that PM Modi knows what people want and added that the country’s politics will revolve around the BJP for the next few decades.