Apple iPhone 12 offered discounts up to Rs. 34,000

To find out the price of your smartphone through Apple’s business option, the customer will have to answer a few questions during the course of the purchase.

The Apple iPhone 12 price in India is one of the best worldwide. However, the user offers some additional benefits if the user purchases the iPhone through Apple’s official store. One of the most important benefits of doing this is the option of trade-in.

Apple offers a powerful discount on exchanging older phones. In the context of the iPhone 12 Pro, Corporate 12 is offering discounts of up to Rs. 34,000. The discount range will vary according to the smartphone being purchased.

Apple also has a list of some popular phones and their prices when selected for business. So to understand the value of their smartphone through Apple’s trade-in option, the user will need to answer some questions during the method of purchase.

Apple will initially ask for either the serial number of the device that needs to be exchanged. If users are planning to exchange Android smartphones, they will need to enter the IMEI code. After this step, the user is going to be asked questions on the storage and general condition of the smartphone. Once the user answers all or any of the questions, they are going to get a price that will be less than the last purchase price of the new iPhone.

Once a purchase is made using the trade-in option, Apple will also provide instructions to organize the user’s smartphone for the trade-in. When the delivery worker arrives, he or she will run a diagnostic test and verify the condition of the device on the spot. If everything is checked out, then the trade-in and purchase are completed.

If the smartphone does not pass the diagnostic test or does not match the status stated, the buyer must pay back the entire trade-in credit to obtain the new iPhone.