Apple is betting big on the iPhone 15 series, What’s latest rumors suggest

Despite the fact that Apple has only introduced the iPhone 14, people are eagerly waiting for the release of the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 is expected to be released in late 2023. Recently, there have reportedly been leaks and talks on it. Name iPhone 15. All eyes are now on the iPhone 15 series to see if it lives up to the hype. Are you looking forward to the next version of Apple’s smartphone and want to know if it adds anything extraordinary, here’s what to expect from the iPhone 15 series.

What to expect from the iPhone 15 series

There are many rumors about the iPhone 15, but they’ve been circulating for so long that it’s hard to tell which are still relevant and which are no longer up to date.

Some of them are pretty obvious, such as the claim that Apple is developing a 3nm A17 Bionic processor for the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 is expected to bring this change in 2023. Even though the European Union (EU) has mandated that Apple start including USB-C charging ports in iPhones starting in 2024, many Apple enthusiasts predict that the company will implement the charging standard in 2023.

However, others fear that Apple may soon drop its own Lightning connector and have even speculated that Apple will introduce a portless iPhone before anything else.

‘Dynamic Island’, Apple’s marketing term for the ‘punch-hole’ front-facing camera, is a key feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, and a rumor says that non-Pro iPhone 15 models may get the feature as well.

We can expect the new periscope telephoto lens camera to be introduced on the iPhone 15 model, once the 48MP camera is released on the iPhone 14 Pro model. Also, a report has claimed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will include not one, but two front-facing cameras. It is speculated that the other models will keep their single front-facing camera.